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  1. I'm lost here.. Who in the hell is this guy? Havoc?
  2. lol... I've always liked Epidemic and I've ran with that name for a long time... Figured I'd go back to it. Thanks everyone who sends the friends invite out. Ep
  3. I am going back old school with my name back to socom 2 that is.... Epidemic. I can no longer go running around with the name ReaperCell, it's just G.A.Y Please add me to your guys friends list as Epidemic_ there is a underscore at the end. I'd add you guys but there is just to many of you all. Thanks fellas... Ep Hollow Ground
  4. It's been a while and I was checking the Hollow Ground Website out and figured I'd stop by here and say what's up. How is everyone doing these days? Everyone kicking ass on COD 4? I hope UF is keeping things intresting as they usually do here. Tow, Snipe and the UF Staff, good to see you guys staying on top of things. If any Hollow Ground members are reading this, hope things are going well with the clan and I'll be back in the game hopefully soon. To everyone else, glad to see you guys still going strong and I hope to be getting murdered by you all soon enough. Take care guys.... Reaper
  5. Epidemic

    Adrian Peterson

    He's a Sooner... what did you expect?
  6. Hillary Clinton has mind powers... lol....
  7. Clinton is fondling her tit instead of covering her heart? F'em all...none of them are worth a shit in my books.
  8. Epidemic


    lol.... Are you sure your not a blonde?
  9. Good run to Hannible and his team of shooters. Good job 101. POW's hit us hard in the end as well, kinda sucks but that's the nature of the beast. Once again, good run guys and we'll see you in Confrontation in 2018!!! EpidemicEpCuzReaper
  10. Good luck with it Chilli. My post wasn't to bash you or what your tying to do. I was just asking the question in general, i'm sure someone would want to know? Good shit bro.... way to watch out for the community. Reaper
  11. SCA is old and this is the outcome of a over played outdated game. Next Gen is here and it's time to move on to Next Gen games. I'm sure once Confrontation is released in 2015, the excitement will be brought back into the arena.
  12. What about security? Who will have Admin access to see the boards, You?
  13. Thanks guys for the words, they are truly appreciated. I'll stop by here every once in a blue moon and say what's up and see how you guys are doing. Once again, thank your for your continuing support and supporting our military members here in the UF Community. Reaper
  14. How's it going UF Community... I would like to let everyone in on what's going on with myself if anyone is intrested. I'm currently in the process of transferring to the Army under the Blue to Green program (Navy to Army) all while separating from the Navy (After 10 years) and enlisting in the Army at the SAME time. What does this mean? It means that while I'm getting poked at, stuck and undergoing a massive medical separation process, I'm having to do the same thing with the Army so basically it's X2 on everything. While all of this is going on I'm having to get my family moved back to Oklahoma, setup in a House, moved in, electricity, phone, cable, gas, sewage, water and blah blah blah hooked up. I go on terminal leave status as of October 26, 2007 until November 18th. On the 18th my enlistment in the U.S Navy is officially over and my Enlistment in the Army officially begins. On the 19th I will go to Fort Sill Oklahoma for 29 days of WTC or Warrior Transition Course to learn the basics of the Army and then will begin my journey to my Speciality School which will be Military Police (Investigations). I'm not totally sure how long this speciality school will last but I know the Navy was around 9 weeks. This will put me away from Hollow Ground and the UF community until at least March of 08'. I'm hoping I will be stationed at Fort Sill Oklahoma which is about a 40 minute drive from my Home Town and were my family will be living. If I don't get to be stationed at Fort Sill, I will only be able to see my family about twice a year but the sacrifice is worth the freedom of this great Nation. This will be my official farewell to you guys who I have grown so close with. I can not honestly say one thing bad about this community and that is the reason I have stuck up and supported this community. I wish you guys the best of luck in Urgent Fury and one day I hope to return to the community I'm leaving today. Thank you all for Supporting us (Military) and God bless you all. Reaper aka Jeremy
  15. I for one would like to say good job guys on an amazing week you guys had last week. You guys deserve a round of applause so here is my round of applause to you guys.