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  1. yeah, I'm from KC and I'm not sure if our draft picks could have been much better.


    Keep paying the man!! lol, you guys keep ME in business!
  3. lol, rooster. i legitamately tried to come up with something for you. your name is just a tough one. sorry dude
  4. it would take me sooooo long to name what i've got.... so: Switchfoot Van Halen Rage Against the Machine Beastie Boys David Crowder Band Metallica Led Zeppelin Linkin Park Muse Modest Mouse Pink Floyd White Stripes to name a few...
  5. yeah, but what about those sneaky hostiles?? lol jk chili
  6. my sister lives in Oxford, England. She says that flying is the way to go. the Chunnel (so cleverly named ) is pretty expensive, unless bought WAY in advance. But, if you do go to London be sure to get a ticket for the London Underground that lasts all day, and hit up as much as you can. These were where i visited on my one day trip to London (I stayed in Oxford): 1. British Museum. The UK "stole" a bunch of stuff (when they colonized basically the world) and brought it back to England. This is where most of that stuff is. ie) Egyptian stuff, Turkish stuff, Rosetta Stone, you name it. 2. British Library. On display is: 2 of the 3 oldest complete Bibles in the world, Gutenberg Bible, Leonardo Da Vinci sketchbook, Magna Carta, Hand's "Messiah," diaries of VERY famous people, etc. This was my favorite. 3. Imperial War Museum. By far the most visually stunning. They have actual fighters hanging from the ceiling, and MANY actual tanks surrounding the entrance. Awesome account of every war to date, well almost every war. They conveniently left out the American Revolution... go figure... effin Brits... best part: They are all free!
  7. check out the "UF On-The-Fly" forum for these things. just a tip
  8. #30?!? I smell a forum party!!


    lost value over the years? maybe. get out of the country though; try Europe. In comparison to the world, we are doing O.K. nailed it. I could not have said it better myself.
  10. yeah, i heard about it a few weeks ago. very weird...
  11. street fighter (II Turbo of coarse) > MK II on another note, i heard that street fighter will come out for PSN, but when?? i bought MK II, but it just makes me wish i had my old Super Nintendo again...