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  1. Shared with 23k friends. Hope it brings some sales.
  2. P/U 2 consoles, 1 for me, 1 for my son. . Purchased BF4 & Ghost
  3. Battlestar Galactica Producer on board for next Sony Santa Monica Game. Warhawk II?
  4. i seen you had "Liked" one of them.. Humor is good medicine

  5. Thanks Shane . I had to log in and out a few times before it finally corrected itself. why it recognized me as a new account is questionable and a bug bug is the only answer i can think of. I understand these things do happen , just wasn't trying to except all that this morning when logging on to see my points reset. lmao. F*ck i hadn't even had a sip of my morning cup of coffee . :pissed off:
  6. update... It now is reflecting close to what it should at 29,030 pnts .and more than 0 entries for the contest(not disclosing the amount) Not sure what happen other than to say it's a bit discouraging when trying to win a contest and/or earn PT points .If things didn't go screwy it wouldn't be the norm for me. lol Sorry for all the post on this, i think my concerns was obvious and warranted.
  7. Here you can see my points although i know i had over 29k; and that i was even at the top of the leader boards. Not sure whats going on but there's a glitch somewhere. Also the profile pic of me on the Harley was changed yesterday .These screen shots are taken from today.
  8. I was under the impression i received 1 point per social net share(twitter,FB, g+1 ) daily provided i shared the link. well after logging on today, i discovered that my entire profile has been wiped and/or reset. see pic as you can see i am logged on site. also all my rewards points have been reset and i had over 29,000...It now shows 300 .
  9. My points have not been tallying. To be more specific. i should be receiving 1 point for sharing to twitter/fb, and have been doing so on a daily bases. I noticed that some times after sharing, the points remain the same.
  10. God Bless our troops, past and present. Happy Memorial Day
  11. I plan to make an appearance since you'll be in my neck of the woods. Like O-Back lasH-O (Bye Urlacher/needs a new sig ) offered, I'd be up to taking you to Lunch/Dinner.
  12. Great attitude GOODY_11 . Love your work . Might twist your arm to do me something which would be a change, as i am always doing for others. Like you i am pleased seeing others happy.
  13. Just a quick shout out to the admin(s) for the newly added "user achievement badges" . A fan at giving recognition , i find this to be an excellent addition. Keep up the great work.
  14. Shane ,thanks for the heads up on the broadcast. Much appreciation for the "shout out" too. I gotta personally mention rizzlaa2007 for his part in collaborating with me on this whole WARHAWK tournament idea; to dosa for his HUGE support in getting the word out there to the community , and to the WARHAWK community for their dedication and ongoing support .
  15. You from Wisconsin ? If so what Part? we may be next to neighbors.

  16. I'm currently working on a few European clans, to run with my members from said location. Hopefully we can get everything sorted soon.
  17. If you search "Zerg Rush" a swarm of Os will eat all the information on your webpage as a new easter egg referencing the popular video game "Starcraft." In-Game's Todd Kenreck reports.
  18. Hey SoCo, Welcome to UF. Must confess myself to being a choco-holic. lol ..Spent a couple years in your neck of the woods ,(GreatFalls Montana). Regret having ever left. Well the wait is almost over