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  1. Scrimmaged against the 55 clan last night. Didn't see any issues.
  2. Did your issues happen over several days or just one attempt? Just seems like other people have been playing custom matches just fine, but when UF tests it it doesn't work? How inconvenient & very frustrating to hear. I'm assuming this clearly won't be happening anytime soon if at all, so until something starts up here we will have to find somewhere else to play or start our own thing. I hope things work out how your wanting them to. If this ever does happen we still will be interested to play.
  3. What issues did you find? We have played in custom matches without issues. Occasionally people get booted, but that happens in casual/ranked as well.
  4. Divine Knights would be interested if there are at least 8 total teams.
  5. Is UF doing anything with R6? If so it would seem like you would want to strike while interest in the game is at its peak and while there isn't much of an alternative. This is the first shooter since Socom that I'm real passionate about & seeing nothing at UF announced weeks/months before the game came out or the 1st 2 weeks after it is a bit dissapointing since very few tournaments have been ran here over the last few years. I thought this was going to be a big deal here with a lot of interest, but I'm not seeing none. I'm sure UF may have some big plans if yall are indeed going to support this game, but I just hope your not relying on old Socom clans because most are sadly dead & I feel UF is going to have to recruit a bunch of new clans if it ever is going to get rocking again. Just seems like you would want to start this process asap instead of waiting weeks/months. UF use to hold tourneys as soon as a new Socom came out. The devs have let it be known for months that custom matches would be available and even what settings were available.
  6. If any fellow clans are playing and would like to scrimmage, just let me know. PSN is xRuthlessRebelx
  7. Damn Bandit long time no see lol. Anyways I am very excited for R6 Siege. I had been following it closely since it's reveal at E3 2014. A multiplayer game build around no respawn for all game modes? No aim assist & Friendly Fire on? Thought I was dreaming. Long wait finally payed off during the beta & it really met my high expectations for it. I wasn't sure if I would like the Operator system until I could try it, but I actually really like it. At first glance you might think the game is being resctrictive with it. But it really helps balance the game since no operator can be selected twice for a round. My only complaint from the beta was the matchmaking/connection issues, but hopefully those will get cleared up by the release date.
  8. Sucks to hear that but I understand. I feel like I've just been wandering the wasteland so to speak, trying to find that old socom feeling in something. I'm excited about the incoming announcement of the ps4. Hopefully some kind of tactical shooter that is at least decent will be shown or maybe shown at e3.
  9. 49ers clobber the Packers Seahawks beat the fraudulent Falcons
  10. Broncos beat Ravens Pats barely beat Texans
  11. Understood, but what about like some kind of unofficial tourney? What if some clan leaders and some members interested in a title like Counter-Strike for example put something small together that could be easily ran on the UF forums in like a Counter-Strike section or something. We could just find some clans that are interested in doing something, have a on forum sign up sheet. Go into it knowing that it is unofficial and no staff or admin will have any involvement. It would just be a for fun thing until UF rolls out a real tourney. Or would this be frowned upon to do? Also if something like that could work maybe it could work for other titles. Maybe titles UF might not have much interest in but say a few passionate individuals wanted to try to put on a small tourney themselves that could just be ran off the UF forums?
  12. Hey its fresh for people like me that never played it on pc.
  13. I agree, something should happen soon while the game is fresh.
  14. Well I looked it up and there is only one way to war right now. It isn't ideal but it certainly is do-able and shouldn't be much of a hassle. Say clan A is hosting the war against clan B. Someone from clan A goes to "play with friends" and makes a party and brings their 4 other guys to the party, then they invite clan B and all of their people join, putting 10 people in the party for a 5v5. Host selects whether it is classic casual or classic competitive then defuse or hostage mission. Then host starts the match. If the war is suppose to be on the dust map for example but aztec comes up, everyone can vote for that map and then vote to end game and then the game would end and start with the war map.
  15. So..I'm really digging this game so far, but I'm concerned about clans/wars. Doesn't look like any clan support which isnt a huge deal, but no private rooms is. It seems like a party/lobby might be able to hold 10 people for a 5v5 but not sure if that works like that. Maybe a clan with 10 people can try it or something. Other than that this to me is a faster paced classic socom in first person perspective. I really like it so far, its so skill based which is great.
  16. I don't think so, but I'm not positive.
  17. I'm honestly surprised this game isn't on or at least appearing to be on many former Socomer's radar. Other than being first person isn't it pretty close to being classic socom? -Round based no respawn games -Gamemodes similar to socom, hostage extract, demo(or breach) -no sprint -no ads (everything seems to be from the hip like early socom's) -Also Confrontation launched with only 7 maps for 60 bucks(w mic) and Counter Strike is only 15 dollars and will launch with 16 maps I dont know anything about clan support or custom matches though, so that will be the deal maker or breaker.
  18. I recently got a gaming pc after my old pc broke so I'm pretty new to pc gaming. I mainly have been playing DayZ and it is so great. Anyways I was just wondering if any other UFer's also play games on pc or more specifically I'm looking for people to play DayZ with. If you don't know what DayZ is about, here is some info on it: Zombie Apocalypse Survival Game where you not only have to deal with zombies, but the biggest threat is other players. This is definitely a game for the hardcore. It has permadeath, so any weapons and items you scavenge will be lost if you die. You spawn along the coast in a massive 225 km2 open world with your only goal being to survive as long as possible. You don't spawn with any weapons, you only start with a bandage, painkillers, and a flashlight. You must eat and drink regularly. If you take damage you can start bleeding out so you must bandage yourself, if you lose too much blood you can pass out. There are 2 major cities and several small towns throughout the map. Each server you play on has around 30-40 players. Some players are friendly and will help you out if they see you, others will just shoot you on site. You can get a bit paranoid anytime you see another player since you dont know if they are going to shoot you or what. It's definitely one of the most unique games I've ever played. Everytime I play I have a different experience. Here is the map of the game and you can see just how huge it is.
  19. I too am interested in this game. Its only 5v5 right? Shouldn't be too hard to put a squad together for it.
  20. Its nice to see a staff member actually exists. Which staff members are working on GR? Anyways almost every tourney is going to have issues and disputes. That seems like a weak excuse not to have a tourney for bf3 people. Link me to where I am told GR tourneys are being worked on and I'll go away. Maybe I missed it, all I saw was shane saying he isn't doing anything for GR until he tests the game. And since he hasn't been able to get into a match, despite trying very often for 9 days, I don't see that as confirmation of anything. I'll stop posting and let ya'll get back to your several month long private discussions about possible tourneys.
  21. Spread the word about UF? How so? Say One day they might offer a tourney for GR? I'll wait until I actually see something first. I'll gladly help spread the word if a quality tourney is offered. But if its something's offered like they are doing with Starhawk, there is no point. Agreed, I play a lot as well and see little issues. As for being critical of the site, I don't want to be. I would rather just play than be typing here at all, but I care about it so I'm going to speak up. I don't believe people deserve a pat on the head for doing nothing. These people come up with a lot of excuses and little results lately. Bf3 players are still waiting for anything and its been 7+ months. I don't want that to happen to this game as well. I also know they could care less what I have been saying, but I know that I at least tried and offered my opinion. I don't believe me being critical effects whether they run a tourney or not. If they are going to drag their feet they will drag their feet whether I complain about it or not. Did I miss something in the past year and half that is suppose to convince me that quality tourneys are still offered here? Ghost Recon is the best competitive game I have played since Confrontation. Tourneys and events were non stop back then. Now we have to cross our fingers that the people making tourneys here just actually play the game.
  22. What are you talking about? I would never tell someone they suck, don't put words in my mouth. Are we not able to post our concerns about anything? Are we just suppose to assume UF is going to do something? Because that hasn't really worked out lately. I feel a need to speak up because I don't feel like anything will happen here. You used to be able to know quality tourneys are going to happen, but that is not the case anymore. I don't want to wait months to play something here. As for your original question of course. I have hosted a 6v6 room and seen no issues, but it doesn't matter because shane has to see for himself, if he can ever get into a match. Also you said this is still a gamers community? Where are the gamers then? This place used to have a ton of activity, now not so much. Why is that?