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  1. Cool Thread S2: Amazin! S2: [>Fa] Kill Bill11 S3: [-Hz] KiLL...BiLL CA: [LTU] ARAS_ScoField Con: [LTU] ARAS_ScoField Con: [101] xScoFieldx Lol my name is about to be real out of date, i'll start thinking of a new one
  2. me and Naughty play all the time add us xScoFieldx lovelygirly
  3. Incredible!
  4. Me and Naughty want to tackle expert mode and are looking for 2 people to help us out. If you got the game type here and post your GT. We can do it tonight or tomorrow
  5. Let me just make 1 thing clear real quick. Crusha has not been a part of LTU for about a month now. I just told him to drop his tag on the forums now because he had not done so. So I just want to make clear that what he says has nothing to do with LTU.
  6. Yup Valve is awesome, portal rules!
  7. xRuthlessRebelx

    Left 4 Dead

    Whos getting it next week? Ive been waiting on this game for a long time,loved the demo
  8. Maybe im being bias but I dont look at FoxNews as a biased network. Now their Commentary shows are Conservative viewpoints, but their pretty open about it. Chris Wallace,Sheppard Smith,Brit Hume,Neil Cavuto,etc. are the news programs. What is biased about these shows? Of course O'Reilly & Hannity are their OPINION shows. Do you have proof that Fox's NEWS shows are biased or do you just follow the Democrat talking point? Have you ever even watched that evil Fox News?
  9. I hate no tie breaker. I dont want a tie game decided on points. Slant 6 wanted this game to be so balanced that they messed with the game in fundamental ways for the worse. No tiebreaker Switching sides so teams can be on each side equally No more intense chess match type wars because the tie game will be decided by points No pmn mines No mercenary .50 cal They need to at least bring back the tiebreaker
  10. Is CTU suppose to be LTU in the invite section?
  11. Just curious what every1 looks like lol Heres Mine: Commando Mercenary PS dont make fun of my small tv :'( Its not the size that matters right? :-[
  12. Not sure if this has been posted before but its the comic strip garfield without garfield. It goes from being about a fat cat to a depressed man lol.
  13. Pack your bags, if all you have riding on your life is a presidential election then I guess our country will somehow have to move on without you. Hopefully all the Hollywood liberals that say the same thing all the time actually follow through as well and move. The Democrat party used to be "Ask not what your country can do for you,ask what you can do for your country." Now they're "Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what the government can do for you." If you want a big government program to do everything for you then vote Obama, but if you believe in the individual and you believe that the American people can do things on there own and not need the government to step in and screw things up, then vote McCain. The left thinks big companies that fail need to be bailed out with YOUR tax dollars, the right thinks that big companies that fail just need to fail and learn from their mistakes. You'll never succeed if you've never failed.
  14. The only problem i see is the long load times and the lag. Both of which should be fixed in a few days so im not worried about it. The proximity mic is hilarious and it really adds a new element to the game. Like i was sitting below the jump wall and i hear and enemy call out one of my teammates, but i didnt warn him because the guy i heard would have heard me! lol. The guns seem to spray more than i thought they would but with practice it will become like clockwork once agian. The night version looks sick! The armor system really makes a difference, your slow as fuck with medium armor, but when you put that light armor on, boom i was moving! Ive never cared about graphics but it looked pretty good to me. The gun sounds awesome. Overall the only flaws ive seen so far are insane lag(especially that red x where you cant move but every1 else can wtf)and long ass load times and hoepfully both will be fixed soon. To me this game feels closer to S1 than S2 which isnt a bad thing.
  15. Well I am pumped up! Thompson,Guilliani, and Palin all gave fantastic speeches. And warpig or course your going to hate it lol. You remind me of a left wing blogger, hell the Clinton News Network screwed up with this . All the networks make mistakes like that but of course you just want to bash Fox but its ok. You must not recongnize opinion shows. OReily,Hannity and Colmes are opinion shows. If you watch OReaily and you dont know hes a conservative youve got problems. I guess you also think Brit Hume,Cris Wallace, and Shepard Smith are biased too huh? And one more thing, your in for a rude awakening. Your gonna find out one day that Obama is just a politician! I know you probably dont believe it but hes not the 2nd Comming.
  16. Yeah this sucks waiting. Im also worried about the hurricane, im in east Texas and who knows what is going to happen in the next few days with that mess.
  17. I didn't include Crossroads,Frostfire, or Desert Glory since there already being remade.