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  1. Yeah I like it, but I hate being forced to go OTS to kill someone more than 5 feet away. Bomb squad is fun, suppression is awful(needs S1/S2 suppression rules), uplink is meh,and last defense is pretty much control points which is ok. But with the supposed changes coming I think it will be pretty good. I also think Cod people will like this game a lot at least til the next Cod comes out. The L1 aiming thing is built for them.
  2. I used to think Bandit was a smart guy but once you play 1vs100 with someone only then do you truly know how smart someone is. Bandit is a snake, there are only 3 answer choices and he would always find a way to pick 2 of the 3 answers and he would always say on the mic "Yeah I picked B, but I'm pretty sure its C" as to always seem right whether he got it right or wrong. I'm pretty sure this is the reason I was never selected to the mob.
  3. If yall have any extras I will take a couple more and give them to some buddies
  4. "I want a BETA code!" @SOCOM #SOCOM4 #betacode for a friend
  5. Yeah I know I didnt mention the camera. I also wish we had custom controls the one good feature from Confrontation. Up on the dpad was the dumbest button placement ever for a talk button. I still dont know what to think of the gamemodes yet. I definitely dont like the objective switching every other round in uplink and bomb squad. Why the hell do insurgents have a bomb tech and are defusing bombs? Some people think with DLC they will bring back old gamemodes. If they do bring back old gamemodes they need to stop the objective switching. I dont want to be breaching as Insurgents escorting as Insurgents extracting as Insurgents To me the early Socoms was always unique in how both Seals & Terrorists would have different objectives and unique maps designed around one gamemode. Each side played totally different. The Seals would also have faster/more accurate guns and the terrorists would have slower/powerful guns but a terrain advantage. Now every map on Socom has to be pretty symmetrical to fit all 4 gamemodes. For some reason it had been decided that Socomers want everything to be even. Which means you never are going to have a uniquely designed map like Enowapi or Sandstorm, and never will feel a sense of accomplishment like you would winning a breach map as Seals.
  6. I hope UF never does anything relating to respawn with socom. As for S4 its so different. I dont mind zipper pandering to Cod players with standard mode and having respawn,health regen, and whatever else crap respawn people like as I have no interest in ever playing respawn again. But classic mode needs to play more like Socom. My main problem is how you are almost forced to use OTS/ADS to kill someone more than 5 feet away from you. Again in standard mode dont care, but in classic mode I just want to use the regular 3rd person view as we have for 5 Socoms. I have a problem with a lot of things but I'll just list what I actually do like. Graphics are great Dive to prone is sweet Classic Mode rounds are 10 or 11 No side switching Hit detection seems spot on Multiple spawn points are back(which was awesome is S3) No encumbrance No armor The game has potential I just dont think many changes are going to be made as Socomers are not the primary sales target. I like the cover system. I have gotten some of the easiest kills in my socom life using it, but it doesnt belong in classic mode because it really alters the way people play.
  7. Plus you cant create custom rooms in the beta
  8. But at the same time it increases camping because you can hide behind a wall or somewhere where normally a grenade would force you to move from but that doesnt happen when the isnt a fear of a grenade. Just like in Confrontation where people would climb a ladder and just lay prone with their crosshairs on the ladder when grenades are off. In S4 you can only have 2 grenades so its already important to use them more wisely. As for no grenades showcasing gun skills I disagree. To me that is the same thing as playing a baseball game and not running the bases after you hit the ball, or on the basketball court playing H-o-r-s-e instead of a real game. Yeah you might hit the 30 foot jumper with no hand in your face, but what about when a defender is in your face. I just find in black when you take grenades out, you drastically change the way the game is played and it is definitely not some awesome run and gun showdown of who the better shooter is. But I think I am in the minority here.
  9. Is there really a big request for a no boom tourney? I know if there was black a lot of clans would sign up but they would sign up for any UF socom tourney. I just always wondered if UF clans really even dig the no boom tourney or if they just sign up for it since its all that is offered at the time? Why cant UF just have regular (classic style) wars without the gimmicks. Hell if UF matches just used the classic S4 settings, UF wars could even be ranked and could be played in a clan challenge, (I think, but not positive on that) I would also like to hear what black supporters like about black. As for bomb squad in UF. While I personally hate getting grenade lauched I would like for the bomb tech only to be able to use a gl. It is a balance, yes he can use a gl but if you kill that one player you win the round. And please no respawn ever...
  10. Im the complete opposite, I played 2 respawn games and the rest in classic. I agree with crusty respawn in socom was always something to just warm up in or something and now its ranked.
  11. Uplink and Last Defense are too similar. Inaccurate hip fire is the worst thing about Socom 4. The game pretty much forces you to use OTS/ADS if a guy is five feet away or farther. If Socomers wanted to use that for every single gunfight they could play every other shooter out there, but for me Socom has always been about pretty accurate hipfire. If your crosshairs were on the guy you had him.
  12. Nice video definitely one of the better ones I have seen. I noticed in medium ranged gunfights you kept going OTS, is this your personal preference or does hipfire seem useless at that range? Abandoned looks amazing and I was laughing at the bomb tech that you were lighting up in the back and he never turned around that was great.
  13. About how many bullets to kill the bomb defuser? How were the sniper rifles and was it easy to snipe or does the scopes wobble alot making sniping more difficult? Did the maps you play seem symmetrical like Quarantine/Kasbah etc. or more varied? Thanks in advance
  14. I did read it all. As for recent changes, all I have heard is the removal of etags. What else are they changing? I just dont see a 2 minute countdown in a 5-6 minute round as something that will work well. What if that countdown is triggered in the last minute of the round? Does the round go into overtime? But I hope your right and these gamemodes are better than they look on the surface. By the way since you got to play does duel primarys seem like a possible balance problem? I know zipper doesnt play socom the way real socomers play so does this look like a possible problem? Is there any reason for someone not to carry a sniper rifle and an assault rifle, meaning couldnt there be a ridiculous amount of people sniping, even more so than the tilly era on confrontation?
  15. Nice article but stuff like this is my problem "So last defense definitely had a MAG flavor to it, as the attacker, you are looking for three Satellites and once you have control the defender’s base is located and you have two minutes to get there and plant an Airstrike beacon." The whole 2 minute thing shows that these new gamemodes are made with respawn primarily on their mind. Imo demo,extract,breach etc. were not put in because they would not work well with respawn. I have no problem with zipper pandering to the 12 year olds with respawn etc. in standard mode, but when it dilutes classic mode I have a problem with it. I just dont get why they cant just give the 12 year olds what they want in standard mode and give socom fans what they want in classic mode. I understand they want to innovate, but innovating is not just throwing in features from other games just because they were successful. Take the single player for example. I enjoyed it on Socom 1 & 2 you really could play it anyway you wanted. You could pretty much be stealthy or just go in guns blazing. But now there are only 4 stealth missions? And I guess the rest are like cod where hundreds of enemies just come at you with explosions and rockets and stuff that excited the young teens. I could go on all day but I do look forward to S4. I just wish socom fans were in mind more when they made classic mode
  16. What about when Socom 4 drops and there are no lobbies?
  17. Yall should go ahead and add the Socom 4 ladder section. That way clans can get all of their members on the roster and could even have ladder matches during the S4 beta. You could just reset the ladder once S4 comes out.
  18. While there are some cool things like the instant clan war feature, 5 player co-op there are many scratch your head things. Duel Primarys and no handguns? As if Confrontation with Coldfront didnt have a ridiculous amount of snipers now everyone is going to have one. That tactical element is gone. There is no downside to sniping, no balance. Everything used to have pros and cons. Unless its incredibly difficult to snipe where only the real snipers can do it, this could be a problem. No lobbies is just dumb. You can no longer make tryout rooms and rooms like RVN midnight mass you can only play with an invite or your on their friends list. No demolition? "Suppression is more classic socom than demo?" Thankfully side switching is gone, but of course now maps are nearly symmetrical like Confrontation since all gamemodes must be played on each map. The days of taking on the great enowapi/sujo/sandstorm breach as seals are over. Of course some maps should be even but my god remember Confrontation, just about every map is just copied halfway flipped and pasted. Great map design like fishhook and sandstorm are gone because all these even gamemodes have to be played in every map. I understand its a new experience but why call something classic mode that lacks so many key Socom features. I mean you have to push up on the dpad to talk! How can you move your character forward with the left joystick and push up on the dpad? Your going to have to stand still to talk. I am anxious to play but I dont see how Socomers can see all of this and not be a little worried. UF tourneys will be only classic mode right?
  19. Hey you get that pm I sent you?

  20. Resident Evil 6.....developed by Slant 6 (fingers crossed that Slant 6 would not touch RE)
  21. Mine does not work as well. Is there a character cap on UFGL because when I try to log in it wont let me enter my last letter of my name, but it fits on the forum.