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  1. Ok I guess I will just take your word that you are trying desperately to play GR, but you just can't get into a room. Even though my clan can find a room just fine even with a 6 man party. Guess we are just lucky. Hope you eventually get to play the game, and I hope you like it, so maybe one day we can have a tourney. I'm sure we won't get a watered down tourney run by people that know nothing about the game.
  2. Wow so our hopes of a GR tourney are riding on your personal experience? There was one day of server issues and the game has been out a week. There is no way you are even trying to play this game if your going to say you have never been able to get in a match. That is the biggest bs I have ever heard. Seems to me like you dont personally like GR and don't want to invest the time and resources in it. This is exactly what I have a problem with. Ya'll aren't capable of running quality tourneys for multiple games at once.
  3. Can we at least get confirmation that UF will one day do something for Ghost Recon?
  4. Any chance once UF does whatever it needs to test things, that we can get something like black going? Wars on Mon,Wen,Frid all gamemodes. Only restrictions could be 203's and the drone that shoots grenades or whatever. Seems like 5-6 clans are already interested, that's a pretty good start. We would only need to double that. You could run this for 1,2, or 3 months and then a tac-map after or some other tourney. Maybe it could start June 18th or June 25th, that would be cool. Seems like you would want to start something sooner instead of waiting months. I just hope whatever happens this doesn't go like bf3. What has it been 7+ months since launch and still nothing?
  5. Its 6v6 not 8v8, the other spots are only there for asymmetrical play(4v8 or 5vs7 etc.) 6 people to a party 32 to a clan We played in a full private match last night with no issues. My only problem with the game is siege. Its only best of 3 which is too short and alive players can talk to dead players. A lot of people are complaning about it on Ubi forum so hopefully these will change soon.
  6. So now unless the developers of a game reach out to you, other title's are just put on the backburner? I know you guys are proud and want to brag everywhere you can that developers are acknowledging you guys and good for ya'll, but it really doesn't mean much to some of us gamers that are here to play and compete in wars and tournaments. And please don't bring up the clan ladders. I want scheduled wars on certain days. You know that old thing "organized wars". On another note does UF actually try to recruit clans for UF? I don't play cod, but I noticed when another failed tourney happended ya'll ended cod wars. I was just wondering is UF out there pushing tourneys to actual clans and cod sites or are ya'll just expecting clans to come here and compete out of the blue? Just wondering. Hopefully all of this turns around and cod,bf3, and gr tourneys start up.
  7. Still nothing? 8 days away. Private matches have long been confirmed. Ubi has repeatedly stated in private matches you can only change the map,gametype, and duration. I've never seen UF hype a game like they did with Starhawk and only got 6 clans? I'm just concerned this is the future. Many different games supported, but watered down tourneys with 4 clans each.
  8. l really like it, I just hope in private rooms you can turn respawn off. Especially for clan wars, who wants to have respawn in clan wars? Pipeline is terrible for respawn, the ghosts can easily spawn camp the other team. The mill map reminds me of a combined assualt map, but I cant remember the name.
  9. I dont think the beta will have private rooms but they already confirmed the game will have private rooms. As long as respawn can be turned off I'll be thrilled. I also love how 2 of the 4 gamemodes sound exactly like Socom breach and demo. Siege- "One team spawns in a central location and has to defend an objective. The attackers are deployed randomly around the outside of the map." This is a no respawn mode and definitely sounds like breach. I instantly picture Enowapi when I read that. Saboteur- "A bomb spawns in a central location, both teams compete to retrieve the bomb and be the first to detonate it at the opposing team’s base." That is demo no question. Hopefully in private rooms this can be made round based and no respawn.
  10. Nice to see some clans are interested. AC are you saying that UF can hold tourneys for Cod,BF3,Starhawk, and GR all at the same time? Unless you secretly have like 30 clans no one knows about ready to walk through the door here won't this be an issue? Cod is a pretty popular game and I see only 6 clans have signed up for your current tourney. Is the future here several tourneys with like 4 clans playing in each one? Obviously ideally you want 16 or so clans for every tourney but is that really a realistic possibility here at UF, where there are only about 20-30 clans total? I'm just concerned that is what will happen. I must not be seeing the big picture though, so what am I not getting?
  11. With less than two months to release and a beta incoming very soon, I thought there would be some interest in this title here as a competitive option. Is this a game UF plans to support like ya'll do for Cod? Are any UF clans also interested in this game? I see all this talk about Starhawk and it only comes out two weeks before GR. Is that really the direction UF is going? UF seems to be pushing this game pretty hard and man I just don't see it. A cartoony looking sci fi game? Are UF clans even interested in Starhawk? Anyways Ghost Recon just seems like the natural next game to play competitively, and I was just curious on UF's plans for it and if other UF clans are interested in it. Or is Starhawk UF's only interest for new title's? Some GRFS info 8v8 Private Matches 3rd Person Perspective 4 Game Types 10 Maps at launch <object style="height: 390px; width: 640px"> <embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always" height="360" width="640"></object>
  12. What is the reason for this? Is it not possible for two people to live in the same house and have separate accounts? We are two different people. Seems silly but do what you got to do.
  13. Nice info. How do you scrimmage? Is there a way to make private rooms?
  14. Demo wont be the same if the flashing icon tells the other team when you are planting the bomb like these other gamemodes do.
  15. So the cover system is classic? So the flashing objectives letting my enemies know I'm at a control point is classic? So a knife button is classic? So L3 to run is classic? So being forced to use L1 to aim at someone more than five feet away like its a FPS is classic? So Suppression being the only returning gamemode is classic? (Always was the worse gamemode and they didnt even use the "classic" suppression rules they used the S3/Ca/Con rules where in clan wars you are encouraged to get one kill and camp.) -Classic Socom to me is well designed maps centered around one gamemode. Adding multiple gamemodes per maps gives you mirror symmetrical maps like Port Authority/Bale Out/A & B/Outpost/Collision/Rush Hour/Cesspool/Sacrifice and I'll cut Von Heine some slack. We will never seen great maps anymore like Sandstorm because developers feel everything has to be even. Of course some maps can be even but not symmetrical even. The greatest feeling on any Socom ever to me was winning a breach map as a Seal. It felt like a real accomplishment on S2. To me its all about the gamemodes and the maps. S2 had the worse hit detection of any Socom, but nobody cared because every map and gamemode was fun. I could rant all day but bottom line is I like S4 its not too bad as a game, but I would prefer they call classic mode something else because being round based is literally the only thing classic. That and you shoot people. The game was clearly built will respawn primarily in mind. How else could the spawning late issue have made it past the beta? Also the double round win on bomb squad? Its almost like Zipper doesnt even play classic mode at all since they never seem aware of the issues it has had. It just reminds me of Anchorage Control Points on Combined Assault. If you ever played that map/mode you would know there is no way Zipper ever playtested that map with that gamemode.
  16. All of these E3 posts seem like they are copied from Kotaku. Doesn't some sort of credit have to be posted at the end of the post like courtesy of Kotaku or does that not matter?
  17. As long as your spectator cam is on your dead body you will only spawn 5-6-7 seconds late. Of course if you survive a round you spawn on time. I dont know anything about any tricks though.
  18. Its such a myth that having no explosives leads to some incredible gunfights. It just leads to more camping, and with a cover system now in Socom it would be even worse. A room with no PE4 or 203's I could understand but grenades are needed. I remember those no boom rooms back in S3 especially on a map like Killing Fields. It was suppose to be some great run & gun room. And what would always happen? One team would not even walk through the doorway of their spawn.
  19. You could carry 9 grenades in S2
  20. Can somebody explain something for me. It says you must sign on the ps3 your account was activated, but the ps3 my name was activated broke and sony sent me a new one so what happens on that anybody know?
  21. Absolutely nothing on the late spawning issue(one of the biggest issues imo)?
  22. I believe custom rooms can only have a max of 7 rounds which is too short for a war.
  23. I dont like how when an objective is being complete like defusing a bomb or capturing a point it is advertised on the top of the screen for everyone to see. Not an issue in respawn but in classic you cant really sneak to a point,bomb,etc. and capture/defuse discretely. Does this also mean if Demo is brought back you will advertise to the other team that you are planting the bomb? As for late spawning no way that is intentional. In some maps if you spawn late you can be killed/sniped before you spawn. Those are my 2 main issues that are reasonable. I would love no cover in classic and custom controls but I dont see them happening.