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  1. Since we are all adults shouldnt we be allowed to discuss? How come fiscal and social issues can be debated here but we cant discuss presidential politics? Why not 1 thread for political junkies and for the people that get offended at the thought of politics can just not click on it. Like for instance, if I see a thread about a trailer for a certain movie im not interested in, I just dont click on it lol. But anyways i'll respect the post and wont comment on the Presidential Election ;D
  2. If this if for Combined Assault im down. Im not sure about the money part. But yeah what about like 16 teams of 5. 80 players. I would also love to see a map pack tournament with the free 11 maps. Ive been itching for a Socom war but my clan is mia till Confrontation and any kind of fantasy draft for combined assualt would be awesome. But whatever if anything is done im down! P.S. My idea is kind of out there I know 80 players! lol
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    Chili? Rooster?
  5. From what I understand its a guaranteed spot in the open Beta(it says it comes with an invitation). And the open beta is just to stress test the servers and stuff like that, while the closed beta which a lot of people here signed up for on the playstation forums, is to look for glitches and give feeback etc.
  6. On Thursday a digital magazine comes out on the psn store called Qore. For $2.99 you can buy it and it is included with an invitation to the Confrontation Open Beta. "The first issue of Qore, which will be released this Thursday, comes packed with exclusive content for games such as SOCOM Confrontation (including an invitation to the beta), Secret Agent Clank and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Qore is available on the PlayStation Store for a one-off payment of $2.99 per issue, or for a yearly subscription fee of $24.99 for 13 issues. Check out the video above to see Qore in action. If you want more info, be sure to check out the PlayStation Blog post. We're looking forward to checking it out this Thursday."
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    Looking for Fadeaway
  8. Wasn't the semi finals and the championship game recorded in UF4? If a tacmap championship is the big dog and can be recorded, why would an evaluation championship being recorded be going too far?
  9. I'm down, which Socom 2 or Ca? TIme to dust off the ps3 lol
  11. Part 1 Part 2 Video Interview Im suprised these havent been posted yet.
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    I asked my clan rep and he said it wasnt posted in the clan rep section so I figured I'd ask here, 1. Has the map and gamemode been announced/decided/posted yet? 2.. How do we find other clans? Do we just send them friend invites? 3. Rooms are made for invite only right? To avoid random friends from joining. Sorry if these have been addressed but I read the rules and asked my clan rep and he said to try asking here. Thanks in advance
  13. I agree its very dissapointing if true. The way I understand it is they want to pump a new CoD out every year. Treyarch or whatever there called put out the first Cod then Infinity Ward did Cod2, then Treyarch did 3 and IW did 4 and now while IW works on the 6th Treyarch has probably been working on the 5th before the huge success of the 4th in modern times. Personally WW2 has been done to death in my opinion. But as someone said everything is just a filler until Confrontation comes out.
  14. Ok I know the wars are going to be 6v6 but I was wondering if BOTH teams agree can wars be 7v7,8v8, or even 9v9? Of course both teams would have to agree. Is this possible?
  16. I was about to say the same thing its almost exactly the same except your not in a jungle. Its pretty simple if you want a challenge dont use auto aim and if you dont use auto aim. Its definately not for everyone
  17. I signed up yesterday. Dont remember what page though. My name on there is xScoFieldx
  18. Looks pretty cool n/
  19. Check the playstation forums and make a post saying how long youve been playing, if your in a clan, etc.
  20. You know these guys just dont go straight overseas. They have to go through bootcamp and all that. I have nothing but respect and love for our military and I think its an insult to think that they will just go over there and start trouble or whatever. Anyone who is willing to fight for our freedom deserves to serve in my opinion. This is the GREATEST COUNTRY ON EARTH! God Bless America
  21. Whoops scratch that. I think it goes by Europe time so Beta should be availaible to play at 5 central/6 eastern in the states today. Cant wait
  22. If anyone remembers the paper in your case says the download is not available until the 17th, however it came on the 16th. Why? Because it hit Japan on the 17th. So logic suggests that when it hits Japan on the 21st, we should get to play it stateside on the 20th around 10-11 am. Don't know though its just a rumor but I thought I would let everyone know just in case.