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  1. they knew i was certified and i thought it was known to all that i was saltysack idk how people didnt know that. me and chris switched mid-tacmap to those names.
  2. wtf is SYBIL? and yes. the only real question was zzSleepy when i joined U. but all the leaders and stuff knew who i was. saltysack was just a joke that me and chris did in the middle of JyK, we both made names, and alot of the clan was in the discussion of what we should make them lol. so that was no mystery and certified is my main name
  3. hahaha wow if you dont care why did you waste your time reading the thread? and comment on it? keep your comments to yourself please. shane said i had alot of names so i explained them all. no need to come on here and start trash talking.
  4. yea i just got bored with my name and felt like switching it up on socom you dont unlock anything so a new name doesnt hurt at all and i can see why you could be a lil confused hahaha ps xanthe i can remember some pretty good sniper battles, even tho i wasnt a sniper, i would wip it out some wars vs you guys
  5. hahahaha im like an outlaw on here or something hahahahaha all my names i didnt try to hide or anything. Resort was my name on socom 3 and ca when i was with JyK and won the POW tac map then i made CeRTiFieD as my psn name and used it for a while and still use it. and then me and christopher decided to make funny names so i made saltysack when i was with JyK then went back to my main name, CeRTiFieD, and stopped playing UF for a lil bit. then i made zzSleepy because alot of people on UF werent big fans of me, and 101 thought i cheated lol and then joined U and then i switched back to CeRTiFieD because people thought i was just being shady on sleepy, but wasnt. then we won the tacmap tourney. and a month or 2 later i parted ways with U and basically UF. just thought i would explain all my names lol. but anyway, this is my brother. he was apart of the old JyK POW tac map champion crew. sooo you should probably take off that poll haha if you dont believe us you can play with us both at the same time if you want.
  6. i might be lookin to get back into a UF clan for mw2 tourneys add me psn= CeRTiFieD
  7. it says the lucky guy/gal will be randomly chosen. and All that’s required of you is to post a comment, that’s it. Say whatever you want and you might just be the lucky winner! which means that once it gets to 2,999 they will randomly chose from those comments the winner.
  8. As many of you guys know i have been apart of both communities. from gamebattles, to the socom website, to UF, i have played with every1. i personally do not see Wicked Ways fitting in this community. accurate shot ur my friend but i dont think you guys really fit in this type of community and environment. \X/ is a clan thats all about winning and competition, and thats not really what UF is all about. i play on gamebattles basically every day, and i know that is not wanted around here on UF, that is why i am no longer apart of any UF clans, for the time being. Wicked ways plays a different style than the clans on here. Accurate shot this is just my 2 cents, but i think as long as your with that type of crowd (\X/) you should stick with playing those types of clans. UF if a whole different community and style. goodluck.... and i hope to be playing on UF again sometime soon
  9. i need a partner.... if anyones interested in teaming up with a beast add me on psn psn= CeRTiFieD
  10. yea there are claymores i use them all the time you only get one tho
  11. dam how many dudes were messing your guys up i mean there had to be alot to just drop all of you and are they pissed at you now or nah
  12. if you think about it the game was only 40$ so you didnt pay for like a full ps3 game but now if u buy this for 10$ itll be like the game was 50$ which is still cheaper than any other ps3 game so im gunna do it 12 maps should make this game SOOOO much better
  13. Resort

    MAG beta

    IMHO also means In My Honest Opinion
  14. LETS GO STL RAMS!!!!!!! well win a few games haha were rebuilding
  15. he was the third overall pick a few years ago hes got major talent he just wasnt happy in cleveland and you could tell he wasnt trying his hardest because he dropped so many passes and played very inconsistent if he trys hard for the jets they got a major steal he could easily be a top 10 wideout in the league with his talent level
  16. hahahaha wow that was pretty good
  17. Resort

    COD MW2 Poll

    standard i thought was better in cod4 but well have to see whats up in this new one
  18. Resort

    MAG beta

    i wish i could play it what do you think? are the maps too big? or are they iight?
  19. has tons of movies and tv shows i posted the wrong link at first whoops
  20. Quote from: [JyK] xSaltySack on Today at 12:11:10 AM what happened monday? did 6 of ur guys get booted twice? costing u the war.... our war was fair and square as i remember it... It's quite insulting to say "fair and square" the way you guy's were teleporting, especially you two "Salty" boy's. Put on a show for the crowd if you like. JyK's reputation is shit, and for good reason. I'll give you one. I've played against you, during the tournament we had a winning record against you. We get to a play off match, and we can't win 1 round out of 18. JyK brings in players not used the whole tournament. You two "Salty" boy's are teleporting all over the place. Like no one has seen that? We have a player we don't allow to play for that very reason. Conditions can't be set to make that happen? You really must think you are talking to someone who is stupid. What happened Monday was on purpose, and you and your "Salty" brother played a big role. You are a cheating sack of shit. Your leader is a lying fuck. If UF allowed a referee your ass would have been grass. I'm glad we had the chance to share, too bad all of UF can't share too. You have to cheat to compete, it must be pathetic to be in that position. I wouldn't know. Fuck you and the horse you and your whole clan rode in on. You and JyK is exactly what is wrong with UF. You and your clan are a stain. When cheating doesn't get you a win, it's time to resort to whining. I really wanted anyone but Uprising to win until Monday night. Your cheating asses changed my mind. It's time to cry bitch, so cry loud. Hog... thats a very nice mature message hog.... i didnt have a problem with 101 at all until i recieved this. me and sweaty teleport? i would like to learn how to do that. just because we both are good at the game doesnt mean we cheat. i have been in multiple UF tourneys and have never been accused of cheating until now. when you guys get eliminated by us, you accuse us of cheating. and of course we are going to have our best lineup on for a playoff war. we wanted to win just like you guys. i just lost all respect i formerly had for 101....
  21. Resort

    Hey Didn't

    good job U in the actual tacmap part of the tourney... and good job getting the lucky end of a million boots to win the championship.... great way to end 3+ months of work...
  22. what happened monday? did 6 of ur guys get booted twice? costing u the war.... our war was fair and square as i remember it...
  23. thank you for that post thats all i wanted to hear and sorry for the "trash" talk from everyone including myself we are all just pretty upset about what happened tonight, im sure you understand. all jyk is done posting on here... thank you
  24. no offense but this isnt a joking matter...