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  1. They need to bag the ots veiw, and go back to the classic 3rd person, it can be done because its already there when your spectating. Zipper already had a perfect lobby/community since socom 2. Why try to fix somthing thats not broke. Other than that I would like to see a dot in the cursor.


    what up fellas, I'm looking for people to play K3 with. Love this game, especially warzone mode. xREVERENDx is my psn.
  3. Welcome back sid. Hope things go well for you and +30
  4. just call linksys, they'll walk you right through any problem you might encounter. It has been my past experience that they are more knowlegeble and helpfull that both sony and my internet company combined.
  5. And your are comparing this to who's standards? Certainly not Slant6 i'd hope. MW2 has the best looking 3rd person I have seen to date. Now the aiming is another thing. I hate the ots view (slant6 done this as well) and not being able to see through the scope. but the run-n-gun factor is there especially on akimbo, plus the ability to straif. I'd say it stands up to the current 3rd person shooter I dont play anymore...
  6. Same here with the SCAR....the FAL is hard to commit to in respawn. Every auto out there has you beat, and until you unlock a scope for will be my fav I think as I was a G3 slut in MW. Thats cool, I like the semi MW my weapon of choice was the good old M14. swemi auto's at least for me are easier to shoot from the hip.
  7. <<<<< SCAR Expert III..should speak for my weapon of choice....LoL.... Cant wait to unlock he FAL though, used on single player and it seems to be pretty bad ass..
  8. Most likely MW2...... at least till the map pack for sococm comes out...or....when black goes back to an 8v8 tourny...LoL...
  9. Not true Rev hit me up we have a few <N> on SVER, if thats not your PMC we can't play together though. sorry we are valor
  10. Been playing the MAG beta and I must say...Zipper done a good job. No lag I can see, and the maps and modes are pretty cool...the hit detection is awsome but then again I been sniping. Anyone else?
  11. damn leave for awhile, and whole lotta shit happens. Well, I guess its goodbye to tow and sniper... its been a fun 3 or so years. Peace xREVERENDx
  12. heres my take. I was a huge KZ fan. It was a nice break from the last months of socom 2 before S3 release. 1 thing I noticed is guerrilla games cares about thier product as well as the community that plays it. the dev team has a clan and they actually played what they created as well as moderate the KZ baords close to respond to any and all concerns and input.(at least they did during KZ). You'd think zipper, /6, and to some extent infinity ward would take notes and follow suit. KZ2 may not be for everyone, but will always have a fanbase because guerrilla games shows they are in it for more than just your $$$. thats just my 2 cents