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  1. man now i know why my wife get so pissed when i tell people where i'm from i guess there are idiots even online you cant trust people suprise suprise to fight over a video game is so stupid but if buddy showed up to fight and got stomped then shame on him but i guess it just goes to show you dont know who is on the other end of the mic when you are playing
  2. CTU-Deadman -- --- Desi21
  3. first time in three years who are you kidding you have had more names then prince and diddy by now and i have only known you for like 2 years rusty rustier hero patton gifted any i forgot love you rusty you little piggy
  4. too many cool pops last night
  5. oh man looks who the cat drag make that damn la clan just joking with you boys
  6. romeo is taking a little hiatus till when not sure
  7. time to move to the sidelines boys it was good run but hey everyone has a bad night some days ps we will war you boys any time just to keep our skills up as we are taking a summer hiatus from warring peace boys
  8. I'm Canadian and so is half of my clan and i could nt care who wins the TV i just care about playing with people who have integrity and class so don't give canadians a bad name because you can't win a fucking tv  thanks eh!
  9. okay thats cool i was just making a comment that i have heard from a lot of people that ca sucks and that is why alot have gone to the xbox o my god I said the x word while i know that time is tight for my self now but i still enjoy the commradere of socom and clan enviroment that why i still play this game i have a great clan and lots of good clans to play with in this community and others that exist on socom
  10. i can't believe the sea snipers now sotg are disbanding and moving on what the hell is happening to our socom community lets hope socom 4 is the bomb and our brothers in arms have a change of heart and restart there shit back up if any of you members are looking for a new clan look us up as we are a clan with similar values to sotg and have been in clans started by former sotg members good luck to you all
  11. yeah right socom doing somthing to stop glitch that will be the day
  12. anyone want to buy a kidney or a lung need a ps3 so i can play this game ;D ;D
  13. can you say loser
  14. Got this from It is every where now...go to google and put in socom competition and you get more info. Socom: Competition *Rumor* According to a manager at Game Crazy it appears that Sony has quietly revealed the future of their killer-app shooter known as SOCOM, adding it to their computer system. The source has stated that the game is on the way for the PlayStation 3 along with a brand new PlayStation Portable iteration of the series known as SOCOM Tactics. The PlayStation 3 version of the game is currently known as SOCOM Competition and is likely going to be a game which really pushes the limits of the PlayStation Network with a lot of heavy online play including vehicles, weapons, etc. This game will likely receive a name change before it is released at a date that is still not known. To this point the likely scenario is that Sony could either release it this holiday season as the must-have shooter to battle Halo 3 on the Xbox 360 or could actually hold it until the popular March and April months when a lot of games tend to release. Only time will tell as E3 approaches quite quickly. It is likely that Sony will release a lot more info on the PS3 SOCOM at that time along with release dates and solid information on the highly-anticipated shooter.
  15. well said man i hate whren you play with unfamiliar player now as that always seems to happen
  16. sounds awesome a faster uf not 40 weeks like the sound of thirteen weeks but a bit superitiopus can we make it fourteen weeks ;D ;D just kidding
  17. CTU-Deadman


    man i was on the forums before i went to bed at 1240 last night and the shit must of really hit the fan after that