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  1. LOL hey puddy and thanks John yep everything is okeedokee artichokee.. Hope things are going good for you as well.. I try to stop by every now and then, things are looking awesome around here. Peace Yo Goat
  2. <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <w:WordDocument> <w:View>Normal</w:View> <w:Zoom>0</w:Zoom> <w:Compatibility> <w:BreakWrappedTables/> <w:SnapToGridInCell/> <w:WrapTextWithPunct/> <w:UseAsianBreakRules/> </w:Compatibility> <w:BrowserLevel>MicrosoftInternetExplorer4</w:BrowserLevel> </w:WordDocument> </xml><![endif]--> Well heck if this topic doesn’t deserve a GOAT post then what does? My most memorable? On the Playstation? Wow that’s not really a one answer que
  3. He's a supporter of UF? so he's sort of a "Athletic supporter" right? Welcome Doc, any friend of Viper is a ... errr well welcome anyway.
  4. Yes Bandit, Thank you for mentioning the Ranger team since it gives me the opportunity to thank the staff members who kept an eye on things for me. I especially want to thank Ranger Officers Ghost and Hippiechik for their management and commendable assistance during my leave of absence. Although not right away, I plan to spend a great deal of time on some re-organization and involvement within the Urgent Fury Rangers. Given my rather lengthy and prolonged time away from the homestead over the past couple of months. I need to do some catching up on my “to do list†both for home projects a
  5. Snow, Status (UF) and Socom Snow What!! It’s snowing! WTH? This morning here in the frozen tundra of MLPS I woke up to a inch and half of snow cover.. Since this is MN, normally that’s not unusual but April 20!! A few days before Easter! Are you kidding me!! In what was a record year this year for snow fall which left an eight foot snow pack that only a week or two ago finally melted away I’m simply damn tired of it! It got me rethinking my theory that our calendar is inaccurate, erroneous and just plain outdated (pun intended). This came to me early in my childhood when I was pe
  6. Fair warning.. yeah.. It's a Goat post.. .
  7. That’s pathetic.. and seems to always be what eventually happens in COD titles.. but to tell the truth these days Socom isn’t that much better.. unfortunately it seems game developers have taken a give them less to stop cheating approach when as usual they can’t do anything to stop cheating and all they wind up doing is stopping honest people from enjoying the game. I feel a rant coming on…. Give me the power!!!.. I want it to be similar to a LAN game. I want to customize my game I want to choose the maps I want to play or at least eliminate maps from a medley. I want RANKED
  8. I’ll just ignore all this other crap and focus on the question. What I know (or knew) about the Sea Snipers.. The biggest thing that stands out is their creation of Maps.. not just basic maps but very detailed and in hi res. Their maps were great and (although I’m sure their intent was for their own clan ) they often shared them and wasn’t above letting others use them.. They also created “Tac whiteboards†which allowed folks to draw up tactics along with the use of the maps.. these were great and again the SS didn’t mind sharing. What else I know is they have been
  9. To better get to know Socom I'd say if you don't have a 1st gen console break out or find a Ps2 (can be had for cheap enough on ebob) and instead start with Socom II along with Socom III CA.. Play the campaigns on single play to get a feel for the third person view and general controller settings than do some old school online play.. along with some Socom CA co-op. This will give you a far better idea of why the title is so popular. You'll find there are still a good number of folks playing online with the older releases. After that than confrontation will make better sense, from it's less pop
  10. What? you weren't here? errr that is.. I mean.. err.. WELCOME Back I missed you. yeah that's the ticket. LOL Sure NUF .. shogun of UF
  11. This thread is hilarious.. I also didn’t have a lot of spare change this x-mas season. I did get the kids a couple of nice gifts but that didn’t leave much for the wife. So I took some art my daughter did along with a letter I had my son write his mom thanking her for all she does and I went out to the garage and made a nice boxed frame.. cut some glass to fit it and whalla! A Christmas gift that didn’t cost anything yet came from the heart. p.s that “dick in a box†thing had me thinking for a while though.. but I’ll save that one for her birthday.
  12. A 60gb paperweight... LMAO! yeah it's too light for a boat anchor. I'm sort of waiting for Dub's report myself. I'm also debating the slim or the refurb? I mean slim's go for around 3 hundo but I've seen working 1st gen 60gb's go for way more than that on ebay. Hope sony doesn't decide to up their cost before I do something with my 60gb... paper... weight.
  13. On release night I'll be watching "TRUE" Grit. on my old VCR player with my tape of True Grit starring JOHN WAYNE!!!
  14. No wonder that guy pictured has ps3's that don't work.. well ventilated does not mean placing them on the stove and turning on the vent fan! I already bought a new slim to replace my fragged 1st gen 60gb.. so I can either get a refurb 60gb or a new slim for $129? They didn't offer to just repair the console you send them? I mean I like my console, I took care of it.. it's in perfect condition (except for the fact it doesn't work due to a fried GPU) without any scratches etc.. replace the GPU and send it back to me... But, I guess that isn't possible? bummer.. so either get someo
  15. Welcome to MN Shane! LOL You think I got that big ass'd truck with four wheel drive and oversized tires just because I look good in it?
  16. PONG? What is that like 1972? That’s not old.. hell I still remember my Magnavox Odyssey Game console.. (pre dates pong by three years) I even had one of those “Shooting Gallery†Light Guns. Their big selling point…… "Works on any television set, black and white or color" Now that’s what I call innovation!! By the time I got a Sega Genesis cartridge console.. I thought I was in video game heaven. And when they came out with 32bit games I was amazed.. In fact I still play “Urban Assault†and “Jungle Assault†on my Sega Genesis to this day! That and “X
  17. Last Sunday night in my area as well as other areas across the country. Comcast was having severe issues with their DNS servers http:// resulting in no internet access for many Comcast users. It may have been related to: http:// or the related DNS security flaw or some other issue? However since I am using Business class Comcast my DNS servers are different from those listed for residential service yet they too were out of commissio
  18. Posted only for information as a possible solution for anyone having similar issues.
  19. Good question wonka.. so is it "no longer around period" or "no longer active in competition"? if it's the latter you can add my clan PBK to the list. to which I agree and attribute PBK's inactivity to the last Socom's offering dismal reception. Although I don't play Confrontation much any more. A few of my die hard clan mates do. So if you see Money, Nelz, Berserk, Spud, Kronas, and a few other players wearing the PBK tag we're still the respectful honor players we always were. We tried adding a few new members, most of which didn't work out due to just not understanding "it's not about
  20. Bunch of damn goat posters.. LOL Love the replies.. = Lacking in knowledge and unaware of it LMAO!
  21. Isn't it just another name for coffee? LOL Ok seriously.. What compiler are you using? Are you just trying to debug a program? Did you try compiling the program with javac? Did you receive any errors? Basically what sort of issue are you having exactly. I know a bit about java.. which is just basically another programming language. However I haven’t done any program writing in quite a while some I’m not exactly up to date on things. I doubt I can be of much help so never mind on providing more info however... My suggestion is just to google java and have a look at the t
  22. As long as we are wishing for things... Can I please frag smokeosama.. err I mean Backlash (his new handle). Yes I'm still P.O'd about Lori's tournament when it was just me and him left in the final round and I hid like a little biotch.. got the drop on ole smoke and emptied my clip at his back.. (totally destroying the wall behind him with a spray of bullets none of which hit hm) only to have backlash calmly turn around and pop me in the dome with his pistol while I was frantically reloading. argggggg!!! LMAO! Seriously though.. "Back in the USSR!!" totally awesome!!
  23. What!! they moved the release date!! why them!! I outta!! every damn time they goat and move the release date!! them son of a!!! oh wait!? they moved it up!! You telling me a Socom titles release date got moved up!! NO WAY!! that's unheard of!!! Well ok than.. Never mind! :^)