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  1. Hey Fellas, cool Idea. I just joined the group (Jesse Vazquez). =]
  2. wow man. Its hard to believe that the skeleton is attached to strings because the movements are soooo lifelike...that guys is a pro...Nice find,
  3. I know man, Shit stays in your mind forever....omg.....Smoke, that pain stuff is real......I just don't understand how they take all that Pain.....they HAVE TO be on morphine or some sort of numbing agent because that shit is excruciating
  4. lol, I remember that. One of TOW's students' was a contestant for ANTM.....=P
  5. My Patriots are going 19-0 and they deserve every bit of it. THey have the bomb squad: Brady, Moss, and Stalworth!!!!, Triple Threat bomb squad! lol.
  6. omfg this shit is so disgusting (excuse my language)....everyone is talking about this now.....this and some freaking even more disgusting thing called "BME Pain" (search and watch this on your behalf, but I highly....HIGHLY advise you not to do it, for your own sake as a man, it will hurt you...women: dont watch, its nasty) Disclaimer: I realize that me telling you this will make you search it....but its nasty, dont do it.
  7. wow guys....Good shit. I'm proud of ya, came out of the gutter to get to the top, good job!
  8. I appreciate this whole tourney and almost everyone in it. JyK: good shit guys, u guys did great and took control. Its been fun and this whole community is great.
  9. no need to correct, you get the point =/.... Well, I had a friend in the clan already, and he was urging me to come in the clan cuz he knew my style and he thought I would like it. I love the way this clan operates. I love working the socom maps with strategy and having a gameplan ready.....The website is good too, lol
  10. Yup, that's my little student, Heather! LOL Damn, she's pretty hot. It would be hilarious if on the show they ask her something about her education and she says "Well, I WAS trying to get an education but my idiot instructor didn't want to work with me so he failed me. I even told him I'd do some "extra" work after school if you know what I mean and he still refused. He must be gay I guess. His name is Jay. Gay Jay. And he also thinks he's so cool because he helps run some stupid video game tournament site called Urgent Fury or something. Too bad he didn't want MY urgent fury....." ;D Yeah buddy, you get a big, fat "F" LMFAO!, wow, nice one there Sniper.....thats hilarious...
  11. Nice one, I jus woulda chose a diff color for the name (imo)....=P
  12. oh yea man....PB was SICKNESS!!!, and Heroes next week.....I can't wait....
  13. The graphic is good. but here's a tip: Use different colors. Ya use the same color for the backround, and the central boards area....change the color of the boards, leave the BG color.
  14. LOL, hell's yea, Chargers are done.....and omg, you see all the signs and stuff the fans have? lol, one dude has a cardboard box looking like a camera on his, so funny
  15. Randy Moss is KILLIN' IT!!!!!!!, he's been doin his thing this game...