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  1. JEAH!! I'm sure we'll get some fine recruits...if not, TRIFFY will have to pick up he slack during battles. hahaha SUP TRIF!!
  2. Thanks man! It feels good to be back, although it'll be a slow start. Recruiting at the moment, but you know how that goes. It's difficult to find gamers who share the same morals, respect and personalities as THM. Let the battles begin!!
  3. The HorseMen's New Clan Introduction Enter Clan Name The HorseMen Enter Clan Tag THM Clan Contact: VEX_VEHIX Clan Contact Email HIDDEN Clan Web Address Has anyone in your clan ever participated in Urgent Fury? Yes, The HorseMen competed in the very first UF Tac-map tourney, coming in 2nd place. We are an oldschool Socom clan, bringing our expertise to the Newschool Battlefield. If yes, please tell us what percentage of your players have played here. 100% Has the leader of your clan ever led a clan here at Urgent Fury and if yes, what clan and what was their name in that clan? Vex` To your knowledge, have you or any member of your clan been suspended from Urgent Fury for any reason? Please make sure you use due diligence in making sure this answer is accurate. Answering yes will not automatically bar you from playing at Urgent Fury. Yes If you answered yes to above, please explain I may have been suspended briefly from the forum by Undertow for losing my temper with some of his/ gamer's actions. I'm better at controlling myself now. - Vex` What Games does your Clan want to compete in? Battlefield 3 If you checked other, please add here... Where did you hear or learn about Urgent Fury? I've known most of the creators/mods since the start of Urgent Fury. THM is back to compete. JEAH!
  4. I NEED TO WAR SOON! lol


    Feels good to be back!

  5. Sup bro!!


    Can't wait to start having battles!



  6. Come visit my server: 187\'S HELL HOUSE - US EAST - RANKED - 200% - CQ MAPS I do take requests. I\'m a fair admin, I don\'t kick, unless you REALLY, REALLY deserve it. lol HOOAH!
  7. I'm working on ours. Should have it ready soon.
  8. Nice, when does it come out for the PS3? haha
  10. I've always understood that if you are using any electronic device on a daily basis, that it is safer to leave it on stand by. Shutting it off and on everyday will do it more harm then good. So, with that being said. I'll keep mine on stand by. Thanks for the info though.
  11. That's EXACTLY why. I mean, we've had 2 teams drop in THIS black tourney alone. Not to mention the numerous clans that showed their true colors in the past. You must have participated in a previous tourney in order to play in a sponsered tourney. To prove that your clan contains the upstanding and respectful members that our UF community looks for. It makes PERFECT sense... Hope this helps

    HOME Party

    I'm there... i'll bring some blueberry yum yum that I have at the moment.. soooo fucking good!!
  13. Wait, I read that it has a rechargable battery. So you might be able to run it dettached. Let's see....
  14. I doubt it, though it would be nice. I'm almost certain it draws it's power/sync from the PS3 controller. I just hope it doesn't encourange MORE cheating.... sigh... :-\
  15. #3 is winning so far, 20% (141 votes) Keep the votes coming. I'll post it on the THM forum also, have my boys vote also. Adorable pic. JEAH!
  16. SOCOM: Confrontation 1.30 Update Posted by Seth Luisi Hello, I wanted to provide a quick update to everyone in the community regarding the current status of the SOCOM: Confrontation 1.30 update. We are almost finished with development on the update. The team at Slant Six Games are wrapping up all of the remaining features and fixes which will be included in the 1.30 update and expect to deliver a final candidate to SCEA First Party QA soon. Once SCEA First Party QA receives the final candidate they will need some time to play through the update and verify that there are no issues with it. This takes some time as there are a lot of new features and the trophies themselves take many days of play to acquire them all. SCEA First Party QA has been testing the 1.30 update throughout development but they need to perform a final pass on the master candidate to make sure nothing has been missed. Once SCEA First Party QA has finished with their final verification we will submit the patch to SCEA Format QA who must also test it and approve it for release. SCEA Format QA must approve all games and updates released on the PlayStation®3. We will try to keep the community up to date as the SOCOM: Confrontation 1.30 update makes its way through the final release process. As I'm sure many of you have noticed, we've released some new Ranked medley games this morning. Based on feedback from the community, we added 8x8 and 4x4 Demolition medley games. We also fixed the respawn medley games so that they are actually “respawn†games and lowered the round time from 8 minutes to 6 minutes. This is just the first round of changes we have planned for the medley games. We plan on updating them again soon to offer more variety in the default ranked medleys. If you have any feedback on specific medley changes you would like to see, post it in the forums. Finally, I wanted to address some of the feedback we received from the Dev Q&A on Monday and specifically the Q&A regarding joining a friend’s game directly from the friends list. As mentioned, this is something that we are actively investigating and looking to see if it is possible to include in a future update. I can say that it will not make it into the 1.30 update but we are looking to see if we can make finding your friends’ games easier in 1.30. Adding the feature to join your friend’s game directly from your friends list to the 1.30 update would significantly delay the 1.30 update and we want to get the 1.30 update out ASAP as it really improves the game a lot. Some people took my answer to this question to mean that we will not implement the feature at all, which is simply not true. Regards, Seth Luisi Director of Development Sony Computer Entertainment America
  17. :-\ I don't get it.... LOL! Well lets see. What power this headset? A battery. What is a battery? A single cell that produces electricity. If his battery is drained, it is a dead cell. His clan is Dead Cell. Just a play on words. UM, I.....WAS....BEING.....SARCASTIC!! :-X :-\ wow.....
  18. A better question would be. Who posts about being scared of the the tiny spider within their headset?