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  1. Now the owner of the team said HELL NO Vick wont play on his team. It was a publicity stunt that was not thought out well.
  2. Its just Chase putting another name on a Visa credit card. I already have a Sony card through them. They have a lot of company names on their cards
  3. The Raiders wont be good until Al Davis dies.
  4. Hell ya. Go Fins. Whats funny is if you look at the NFC North, no team has a winning record. 3 teams at 5-5 and the Lions at 0-10.
  5. Restart the game. If the does not work then reset the modem.
  6. I have it. I had to get a refund at Gamestop. The Walmart across the street had it.
  7. Thats the one for customers and its a trip for 11 on a private jet to any regular season game. The one Im doing is for employees and its a trip to the Super Bowl. I wish I could enter the customer one. A private jet with 10 of your friends would be a blast.
  8. We are having a contest at work for a trip to the Super Bowl. If I can get the most people to send a text to a # with my code in it I will win the trip. The # to send the code to is: 57533 And put my code: p00045784 And you are not signing up for anything. Its just for the contest. If you guys can help me out and spread the word to any friends or family I might have a chance to win this. I work for Alltel, so Im not sure if you can send the text from a non-Alltel but it wont hurt. Thanks everybody
  9. I am running XP and I had the same problem. It was the update this week. I had to restore my system to a previous date and I have not downloaded the update. It keeps asking me if I want to. If your running Zonealarm I got this email from them today: IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ZONEALARM CUSTOMERS Dear Customer, Installation of Microsoft Update KB951748 may result in loss of Internet connectivity. Click here for more information on how to resolve this issue. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you, ZoneAlarm