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  1. bunni-rabbit

    Halo 3

    SD x DirtyR i used to be in hollow ground
  2. bunni-rabbit

    Halo 3

    chili why dont you ever invite me to play
  3. i was wondering if anyone else play shooters inverted, play other games normal but shooters i like em better inverted.
  4. bunni-rabbit

    Halo 3

    any of you who have halo, have a partner to play against me and my friend on some doubles slayer. send an invite to SD x DirtyR and let me know who you are or i wont accept it i get to many.
  5. bunni-rabbit

    Halo 3

    i was playing today and im really not impressed i figured they would have had more stuff but just pretty much the same thing i still own in slayer
  6. UF5: To Be Announced - this sounds like a good one can i pre vote for it
  7. bunni-rabbit

    uf black 3

    ill be looking for a uf black team to play for
  8. Because Undertow Needs Ninjas In Life Roids Are Barry Bonds In Truth
  9. im glad we have so many historians on here im gonna quit history now
  10. cuz your a big bag of douche maybe i dont know.
  11. i would reply but i dont wanna another GOAT essay. ;D
  12. i have PS3 and 360 but play PS more only use xbox for halo
  13. yes havoc it's on good terms, as for why i left i just didnt think the clan was for me anymore i have no problems with hawk or reaper. me and hawk will still be friends so will me and reaper.
  14. I am bunni-rabbit formally of Hollow Ground and SOTG. i left from both on good terms. i can snipe and run and gun while in SOTG i was voted most clutch player. i was apart of the UFblack one championship team. i am looking for a new home. i am 24 years old playing out of Oklahoma. so give me some websites if your clan is looking for a good recruit.
  15. yes sniper its the UFC from last weekend where Babalu anaconda choked david heath til he went to sleep, and babalu got fined $25,000 and fired from UFC for holding the choke after the ref had stopped the fight.
  16. if you listen to pre war music to get you pumped then its a sport
  17. what if they were punking you and you gotta go back tonight