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  1. they did recover it the sooner had the ball in his hands
  2. you forgot ''hey tiga woods yall''
  3. no the small maps are the UF black tournys
  4. my semi pro team could use a quarterback
  5. the toweler
  6. anyone see it i thought it was freaking hilarious i dont think i stopped laughing the whole movie.
  7. he didnt wipe me on nothing
  8. i like the train better i first heard it, it was a bus instead the train sounds better
  9. Can you name all the U.S. Presidents? To play, enter a name in the box. If you properly name a President, it will get filled in to the proper year below. The colored years represent special circumstances, described at the bottom. You've got 10 minutes....go! Share You got 34 out of 43 Presidents. Wanna see who is most forgotten?
  10. after the first time i seen it happen me and tha savage tested it from both angles, he sat and shot an m16 from there while i scoped in and try to find him. i seen one flash out of 5 clips
  11. in real life you can see both ways not just one way
  12. i fixing to get a new job im about to be a daddy
  13. im cherokee and kiowa born and raised in oklahoma
  14. i played division 2 ball we had playoffs for our national title my team was one win away from the playoffs, but we blew it in the conference title game.
  15. no leave him in there i wanna see more pictures
  16. hes even hosting it for me lol
  17. i was only kidding u hurt my feelings
  18. im re-doing guitar hero 2
  19. no socom sad, people are actually watching havocs videos now
  20. id say copperhead a lake, a boat house, cabins for you guys, a shooting range, and watch tower
  21. In a world of give and take Champions give what it takes.