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  1. i enjoyed the film
  2. wish me and carnage would have stayed in it for the experiences, congrats
  3. i just recently bought my gf a ps3 so she could play call of duty with me
  4. id drink a cup of magic johnson blood to sleep with either of them
  5. after the first round i was talking with some friends and i was wondering why oh why wasnt rogers throwing his hands he threw like 9 punches one broke fedors nose and the other when fedor was on his back, going in he had to have know the only way he was going to win was with the hands that got him there. its the tyson effect fedor has he was scared to punch fedor, as if fedor was going to rip his arm off when he did.
  6. they gave forrest the title and i dont think he did enough to beat rampage, but shogun said he didnt go for the finish because his corner told him he was ahead in points
  7. its the same with refs why did mazzi stop the rothwell fight and shogun won the fight just not in the right peoples eyes.
  8. agreed
  9. irish's job is to keep the story going as part of his recruit phase there like a couple til there recruit phase is over
  10. if i sniped i would tell you a few storys but i dont
  11. so i cant be apart of uf unless im in a clan
  12. part of the first with TOU didnt play in it though i worked nights so i was a daytime guy
  13. in the last post i told you it wouldnt happen trayne and why it wouldnt its the same thing that happen last time ufc tried to sign him it wont happen until fedor drops m1 as his agents
  14. Barnett test positive for steroid no longer fighting Fedor on aug.1