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  1. bunni-rabbit

    UFC 100!!!

    well hes out til jan so if it happens it will be middle of next year.
  2. bunni-rabbit

    UFC 100!!!

    everyone talks about alves needing a ground game he has a purple belt in bjj which if you dont know is only one step away from a black belt. he has a ground game GSP is just that good on the ground. that is like saying b.j. penn needs to work on his ground game GSP did the same thing to him. alves can fight and knock a bunch of people out theres just no one at 170 who can handle GSPs wrestling and top game.
  3. one week instead of a month thats gotta be one shitty week ive been through the month and it was bad enough.
  4. but can kurt take a punch or kick a real one
  5. i like chilli...for playstation though
  6. im lightweight champ 26-8 26 knockouts
  7. ive called 8 wal marts and two will have them out at midnight so ill take the 20 min drive to get it
  8. three big twelve in top 5 but not a top two confrence come on big ten doo doo prane
  9. what about last years loss to illinois
  10. thanks for letting me kill you the other day ghost
  11. laying down deff steadies it more i was trying many different things that one helped the most i think
  12. Brady goes down for the season
  13. maybe it was just the 20 round suppresion big map i played but i got bored after while
  14. bunni-rabbit

    2 Word Game

    fuckin carnage
  15. bunni-rabbit

    2 Word Game

    carnage infused
  16. and the air strikes when your on my team
  17. i have no problem shooting clan members ask Macoo
  18. bunni-rabbit


    my favorites A.Silva BJ Penn A.Arlovski Shogun Kid Babalu Fedor Gomi
  19. i dont think they could have gotten a better joker. the man was spectacular. wanna see a magic trick.