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  1. You all are missing a great opportunity. Last major(in August) had over 1.5 million viewers and the player count has increased. Venturing into a different platform could be a challenge but at this point no one has come up with your method of running a tournament on CSGO. The game continues to explode with activity and you all could be the benefactors of that.
  2. Doing the same. I accepted your invite, maybe we can queue up on one of my alts. Currently I'm an LE but we can get some games in. Do you have any other socom guys you play with?
  3. Sounds good, if you all have any questions hit me up and we can get on teamspeak. It shouldn't be more than a few minutes to get you acclimated to the community so you can grasp the immense opportunity. And let's not forget this is the game that Socom never was able to become, just imagine if Socom would have progressed and stayed true to it's competitive roots!? This is Hiko, one of the top three North American Professional CSGO players streaming live - Well GL with everything and let me know if you need any more information from me.
  4. The leap to the PC is a difficult one when we're talking about console gamers. However, the opportunity I see is that CSGO already has a thriving economy. As I pointed out previously you can find sites like the ones I referred to that are making hundreds of thousands monthly, is a money machine. We're talking 8k a minute at peak hours of the day. That said, I do not think UF could see that kind of profit at that rate. However since the CSGO economy is a very real thing I think within a couple of months you could be in the black. Rainbow Six will never have that kind of earning potential(unless there is a sponsorship) because they do not have a built in economy. I literally know several people earning a living just trading CSGO Skins full-time. Anyway, I'm not trying to make a hard sell or anything I do think the idea would be great. My position is pretty clear, I love the game but I also think it's really sad what has happened here. If you're at E3 go by the Valve booth and see what you can pick up while you're there. It would only take getting one NA CSGO Pro player to advertise for you on their twitch streams and you should see a nice bump.
  5. It's been awhile since I've come around here but I did a few weeks ago because I thought how great it would be to have a UF style event on CS GO. After looking around the forums for a bit I noticed that there wasn't as much activity here as there was before. Did some digging around and I think I saw part of the reason why and it's quite sad, what happened with those sponsors is a real shame. That said, I think CSGO could be a very solid way to unwind that situation much faster. This game is exploding and it has an economy linked to it via "skins". The UF format would be entirely unique to the CSGO scene and I think it could really take off. The individuals that play are incredibly competitive and there is a ton of money pouring into the scene. We've been playing for about two years now and have seen the explosion of growth over that time. Via the skin market & a competitive arena like UF I believe you could quickly fix the Chicago situation and start to rebuild this community. In addition to the fact that sponsors are climbing over one another to get involved in the scene. CSGO Growth Chart - HERE Why CSGO is a great Esports Title - HERE (Sorry but I couldn't figure out how to link a youtube video on here) Interestingly enough Socom was based in large part on CounterStrike, the difference is that CS has continued improving and has remained true to it's competitive roots. It's definitely a hardcore game and not for the faint of's hard as sh!t! I would not claim that it is perfect but I do think it's as close as it gets. Anyway, I just wanted to point this out because I think UF would have the market cornered on this kind of theme play. More importantly there are a ton of organizations making a killing on the skin market which I think could facilitate the resolution to the COD/Chicago fiasco. Sites like, csgojackpot, are all making money hand over fist. If done properly UF could erase the debt they currently have and in short order move towards profitability, with it the return of one of the best competitive themes I've played.
  6. I'm going to add a few of you guys so we can all coordinate when we're on.
  7. Do you play HC or Normal? Our Normal server stays full just about all day but the HC server does not. Unforunately DICE did not include HC as an option in the quick match so people don't automatically fall into your room if it's set to HC. As a result you need to have a good number of guys in your server in order to be high on the search list. Last night we started with 6 guys and I guess that was not enough to get on the first page which means typically you'll just stay that way.
  8. We're trying to fill up our server. Anyone on can search for TOU, we're in the HC server.
  9. [TOU] - [TOU] Tactical Operations Unit Ranked Hardcore Server - (Search TOU) [TOU] Tactical Operations Unit Ranked Normal Server - (Search TOU)
  10. Sorry for the 20 questions, I just haven't been here in awhile and I'm still trying to learn the new flow around here. Are survey's posted in the announcement area as well?
  11. Sounds good, we're trying to focus on HC(it's more our play style) so I'm really happy to hear that. Will there be an announcement once the rules have been created? On the clan ladder will there be the potential for other options in terms of numbers? I know at times we may only have 8 and 4 is kind of small for us.
  12. Where can I find the rules for this ladder? The rules tab within the ladder says to find the individual event rules and I'm a little lost with all the changes to the site(looks nice by the way). Also, will we be able to set matches to "Hardcore"?
  13. Just someone I would rather avoid, he'll send me a PM in an attempt to pester me every so often. I'd rather not waste a moment of time on what he more than likely considers "intellectual conversation". I generally don't respond to him but sending me PM's with remarks about TOU is him just trying to seek me out. There must not be enough drama in [APC]...oops I mean [TOU]....oops I mean [sHO]....oops I mean [T<] wait I think it's [sHO] again, and he's trying to find some here.
  14. Is there an "Ignore List" or block function on these forums?
  15. I will pass the links provided to my wife so she can go ahead and purchase one. She is a teacher so she may end up getting some for her classroom as well(Kindergarten and 1st grade).
  16. Understood but have you done extensive tests since 1.6? I am willing to have 5 different people host 5 different rooms and run through 3 different maps per host. Map 1 with target spotting on, map 2 with target spotting off and map 3 with target spotting on again. I'm not sure how you all ran the tests or how you came to the conclusion that it worked for some and not for others(assuming you've tested it since 1.6). What I do know is that there was an error on Socom prior to 1.6 where even if you turned target spotting off it would not "take" as the setting for the room so it was still enabled. As a general rule I hate radar but if it is how you explained(since 1.6) then I would agree that you have no other choice. However, from the limited tests I did last night it seems to be working.
  17. It's ok I got a response via AIM yesterday. Apparently if you turn it off it still doesn't actually turn it off. I may test this tonight before I start playing.
  18. I noticed that most if not all Socom events on UF have target spotting enabled. I'm just curious why that is the case?
  19. I would consider purchasing it but I first I have a question. Can you give me an example of one of the valuable lessons? I just want to make sure it's inline with something that I would teach.
  20. I don't know what you're talking about but TOU is all about winning as well. Unless you're trying to elude to something else like "winning at whatever cost" cheating, glitching, etc. If that is the case then we're not that type of clan but to say that clans here are not all about winning I would say is a mischaracterization of the kinds of clans in this community.
  21. I'm curious do you know that this is the case from an official source or is it just from reading information online? None of the stuff I know comes from anything online. That's about as far as I'm willing to go. ;D Just checking... No worries I just don't want to get into the source this link that thing. The information I have given will come to light some day hopefully sooner rather than later. I just saw the list of attendees for E3 this year and I'm quite disappointed.. I hope that list isn't final. That's alright no need to explain, we have a contact on the Zipper team but they have become very tight lipped about most things recently. So I have an understanding on how information is received, I just wanted to make sure it was legit and not just google searches.
  22. I'm curious do you know that this is the case from an official source or is it just from reading information online? None of the stuff I know comes from anything online. That's about as far as I'm willing to go. ;D Just checking...
  23. I'm curious do you know that this is the case from an official source or is it just from reading information online?