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  1. dont hate on the gay folks they orginally where at comiskey park but they kept getting robbed ;D cubbie fan 4 life lol
  2. yea i also live in Chicago i live in the river grove,Franklin park ,shiller park area some of my favorite places to go are 1.)Marias Mexican restaurant very legit mexican food not to mention a full bar (also say its your birthday they give you an extra big sombrero and a free shot lol) 9440 W Foster Ave Chicago, IL 60656 2.)Gene and Judes hotdogs the place is great very well known well at least in this city(i live 2 blocks from there) found at 2720 River Road River Grove, IL 60171 3.) Visit the sheddaquarium worlds biggest indoor aquarium a lil pricy but well worth it 4.)you have to have REAL deepdish pizza while you visit do yourself a favor and go to old world pizza 7230 W North Ave in Elmwood Park, IL 5.)a great place to drink is shoeless joes its a sportsbar they have live bands often one of my favorite places 10290 W. Higgins Road Rosemont, IL 60018 well those are some of the places i enjoy going for food or to unwind after a work week
  3. why did he record and post this like seriously did he not realize he will regret this for the rest of hes life lol
  4. well i live by the saying "anybody but the yankees" but hey it was a great world series to watch and i can say the better team this "year" won
  5. i think your sig is a lil to big i actually made this sig awhile ago just for shits and giggles if you want it ill give you the psd file just gotta get rid of the team players next to it of course lol
  6. yea i have the same intercooler and also had the same noise problem i just took the damn thing off after awhile it got on my nerves >
  7. well it depends on how many downloads the dlc or whatever will give you usually its like limit of 3 but anyway you go on the ps3 you want the downloadable stuff on then create the account you originally downloaded the content with then just redownload it and any account you use on that ps3 should have access..but like i said somethings will let you redownload somethings wont somethings have a limit
  8. yea i gotta say when you cant walk its def bed time...and the ever so great morning after
  9. I also think it's because some don't think they will be playing Socom when/while this is going. MW2 comes out on the 10th. Most are going to drop Socom and never look back. IMO this is the very reason i decided not to form a team i simply lost interest playing the same 7 maps...but it is unfortunate maybe save this tournament for COD? i would for sure join it then
  10. absolutely i love the beta and with even more things available in the game i am forced to buy it
  11. what he said lol... Chicago all the way
  12. my family are union riggers in chicago and building the Olympics would have given them almost a year of around the clock work tons of construction would be available to so many company's lots of unemployed workers would be able to return to work and more people working equals more people spending money therefore boosting the economy not only construction but hotels would be packed with tourists restaurants would be booming night clubs the whole city the economy boost would have really made the over crowding downtown worth it ..because i myself would have made alot of money helping my family out and now i have to rely on my crummy side job its a damn shame :'(
  13. like shadow said this is an issue on several maps like dg,frostfire,quarantine this is just basic socom bad luck i dont really see how this can become a rule seeing that it can happen in so many ways on so many maps and most of the time there just random "stop rushing grenades" that seem to get you through the ceiling..now as for your situation i gotta say that sucks its unfortunate that it happened in a war it comes down to if the nade was on the grill or not which makes perfect sense or trying to exploit socoms crappy grenade physics by throwing it above you on solid ground which would be cheap but smart nonetheless anyway i would agree that if its obviously done on purpose that it should be looked down opon in UF
  14. win...lose...? i personally think hes gonna lose
  15. whats he crying about he got lucky he found one of those kinky girls you hear about in porn movies

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