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  1. Its alright. More of the same. Didnt play but maybe 10 games last year so I cant really compare the two. It does have all the pre snap defensive assignments you could want this year. Running seems easier than passing. But I suck at passing this year. 9 picks with Tom Brady in a Play now game! I will be sure to send you a FR Bobby.
  2. Well I will not be sending you a FR then
  3. pretty sure you are on my list already Hush. You can come play in the Metro Dome anytime! I sent you request racing boy.
  4. Are there any Madden players here in UF? If so, I am always looking to play a game of football with fellow socomers. Hit me up on the psn AminalMotheR for a game. Oh yea I play Sim style football on there. So if you use the vick cheese or go for it on every 4th down, or use the same money plays over and over, dont bother.
  5. not meant to be an insult at all...not even sure how you took it as one?? Just thought you might wanna know your post gave someone a good chuckle is all.
  6. LMAO @ the picture that just went through my head of an overweight guy "running" to get out of the way of a speeding truck...then getting a name called at him....sorry
  7. Welcome back to UF Flatline! Tried to follow you and Section into a few rooms the other night but they were either full or ya were in a clan challenge. Looking forward to gettin some games in with ya guys again.
  8. Thats some nice looking uhhh meat ! I also do alot of smoking in the summer months. I got one of these with the firebox on the side http://www.chargriller.com/ We do alot of pork loins and ribs. Never have tried a brisket but want to. Im gonna have to try wrapping a loin with bacon. That sounds really good. Normally I just throw a rub on it and throw it on. Although I have marinated a few in Apple Cider that turned out great. Injected a few with creole butter that turn out ok too. For ribs we use the 3-2-1 method and they seem to always fall off the bone if you can keep that temp below 225. Rubs usually consist of whatever seasoning is in the cupboard. You dont need a whole lot with this good ole Iowa Meat! ! ! I got lots-o-pics also on my desktop cpu. If a new section is created I will upload some to share. Great thread.
  9. is there anyway to view Netflix without being signed into the PSN ?
  10. This happens to me ALOT! I have found that changing my stance and rescoping in will get the bullet there. It is very hard to hit someone running left and right in your scope in this game. When you do hit them ya see a lil lag blood squirt out and they keep going alot of the time. But every so often.....they die and its ohhh so sweet ! Have any of ya guys unlocked the variable zoom scope yet? If so, how is the magnification zoomed all the way in? Comparable to the high scope (16x) on Confrontation?
  11. Boss called me on my way into work and told me to go back home this morning. I likey the shitty weather ! Had slush on my windshield and its freezing rain but I dont think it will stick around on the ground for long. Stupid Gamestop dont open until 10 though...and I am to amped to go back to bed...and outta weeedddddddd. why do pot dealers gotta sleep in so late?? LOL
  12. In Light of all the recent events I would just like to say Blunt Force will be a full participant and proud suppporter of Urgent Fury as long as we are a clan! Because without Urgent Fury, there would be no cBF. We would not have spent money on our website and forums. There wouldn't be countless posts in our war report section. There would be no practicing for hours on a map until you knew every little nook and cranny. Our recruits would not have to go through an extensive "try-out" to be deemed "UF" worthy. I cant count the times we have used Urgent Fury and her tournaments to lure in a new recruit. We would not have met all the great, like minded people and clans out there. I doubt I would even have a clan to play alongside with if we hadnt found UF when we did. Because before UF, we had played in multiple Socom tournaments. The outcomes were always the same. Rampant cheating and biased rulings to ensure the tournament organizers or their friends had the best chance at winning. While I realize there are issues from time to time at UF, I am confident the Staff will try their best to ensure a fair solution for each incident that comes up. THAT is why I love UF. THAT is why we will continue on at UF. THAT is why cBF still games competitively. I bet most clans here, and the ones who left, would say something similar. Thank you Urgent Fury for all that you do to enhance my gaming experience
  13. I know you packer fans are a little off Hush.....but Frozen? I accidently watched the whole thing....Intense is most definitely not the word I would use on for that movie! LOL I have been watching Ax Men on there. 1st season kinda sucked but the other 2 have been great! Also Ice Road Truckers Lost 3000 miles to graceland Lost Boys A few more for ya
  14. We usually have a full RVN/cBF room going somewhere in the central server. I would be all for joining a created room with UF players. I would take the no rank room over the constant dark maps and cheaters any day ! LOL

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