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  1. sup guys. its been a while since ive visited was bored so i figured i drop on by and say wassup. so what games are you guys running tourneys for? i was thinking about dusting off the old ps3 and give her a go again. dumacracy aka lil vc
  2. yea huge goal got them the win and points to stay ahead
  3. OH damn seahawks! im guessing it was all apart of the NFC west's plan to lull the other teams to sleep with crappy reg season then whammo for playoffs lol
  4. anyone see the touchdown throw by tyrod taylor? that was pretty sweet. but yea my vote is also for Yell-O going 12-0 and bringing home a title
  5. the bit with the canadian was pretty funny too... 'it looks like you need a hose eh'
  6. i just love how he can continue to talk shit seconds after getting his face punched in
  7. according to googlemaps its 1290 miles and 20 hours 52 minutes so you gonna need most of the couple of weeks to make it worth while lol
  8. i would like to think that i had the wunder boner for years
  9. no worries tool, i just did it the lazy way and had it saved on my browser
  10. everything looks good so far but i havent been able to change my pw everytime i try i get a database error, any ideas?
  11. pac-10 commish says that texas has declined the invitation to the pac 10 so im thinking the other texas schools at least will follow suit
  12. MWC really wants the autoBCS bid so i wouldnt be surprised if they went after the teams from big12 after this fallout and really what this all comes down to is money, having larger, more powerful conferences will only lead to larger tv deals
  13. yea i hear alot of the texas schools looking to join us as well. i think they trying to get 4 major conferences with 16 teams each
  14. i hate season finales
  15. i know crazy stuff. celtics take game 1. oh my. and them suns playing well right now too so much for nike's puppet promos lol
  16. hope it wasnt. do you remember the name? i dont think it would be because most of the sexual comments by my clanmates are usually homosexual so if they were about your father or brother then we have a chance
  17. sure but then he wouldnt have time for hobbies
  18. really i thought kiffin left cuz hes a flake... hmmm guess i was wrong about him
  19. so check, check, check, check, and check? lol
  20. i always hated stat... and im even a math guy its just stat doesnt even seem like it is math to me
  21. i dont own a dog so i didnt know that they have that large of a stomach
  22. lol there is no way i would of made it through that interview... on another note those weapons arent even close to being ninja-like... that kids confused