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  1. UF's very first tourney. Was pretty epic, and it would have gone on for a lot longer because Cp* and THM were last 2 left with I forget, maybe THM having 24 states and Cp* having 26. At the time THM actually played on a regular basis and we ran the sniping game, as a member or 2 of THM were often recruited to snipe for our allies wars haha. It somehow got decided by the powers to be that it would end with a single war night, which we ended up losing in the most intense Blood Lake i've ever been in. Hopefully with the upcoming patches we can get a steady amount of ppl to play again so we can participate in a tourney again.
  2. just jumped up a notch on my respect for ya.
  3. so whats a UF ranger do? fixed for ya.... officer forum police
  4. quit derailing ur own thread. back on topic: i liked it better when i could troll threads and not see that big blue robot.
  5. shazam! filled one out, lemme at em
  6. doesn't seem like you learned ur lesson the first time. good luck
  7. holy shit srsly thats snow? go figure!
  8. in the latest Blog entry they posted this picture as a teaser. this look like a snowy version of Vigilance to yall? wonderin if they're making shit able to be made into "snow" versions, think it'd be kinda cool.
  9. if it wasn't for my clan I would've never touched Confrontation. it's always been about the community, not the gameplay for me.
  10. since when does anybody that posts on the forums be taken seriously?
  11. dudes clinging onto his 15 minutes of fame for dear life.
  12. ill post somethin in THM forums, but it's pretty rare for 8 ppl to be on at once
  13. I dont think anyone is debating the fact that Slant Six screwed up. Some just enjoy the game and try to stay positive.