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  1. I agree, it would be like Activision suing Ubisoft for using the word "Call" in their new game, Call of Juarez. Haha
  2. Posted 2 days ago - By Stephen Johnson Out of nowhere indie-game hit Minecraft has just surpassed 3 million sales, but all is not perfect in the pixelated world created by Markuss "Notch" Persson. According to Notch, developer Bethesda has threatened him over the name of his company's in-development game "Scrolls." Here's the tweet: "Just got a letter from Bethesta's lawyers. They claim 'Scrolls' infringes on their trademark and everyone will confuse it with Skyrim." Could it be that the makers of Skyrim are a little afraid of the fact that Minecraft is scheduled for release on the same day that Skyrim hits? I would say this is highly unlikely... Bethesda's legal team has an obligation to patrol the video game world for names that might infringe on the company's trademarks, so I seriously doubt it's anything personal. Here's Notch's even-handed twitter response to the legal letter: "I still <3 Bethesda. This is hopefully just lawyers being lawyers." If you'd like an inside look at lawyers being lawyers, here's the actual letter( ).
  3. Nvrmind, finished and Lala has it posted correctly below.
  4. No suggestions but i would love to see pictures XD
  5. Thats why you split among 4 or 2 other people. One person buys the first 2 Map Packs and shares them with you. You buy the other 2 map packs and share it with him. Same goes for 4 people, one person buys one map pack each and shares with the other three. Save money!!
  6. Hey you finally made it over here.

  7. I would personally go with the Samsung Epic 4g only because I currently own the Samsung Galaxy X. Ive never owned an HTC or Nexus so I do not really know much about them but I do hear the Htc Evo is great.
  8. My goodness! That is disgusting but this is quite entertaining.
  9. TuSiK09

    Google +

    Its google's own social network. IMO better than facebook. Im on it if you want to find me my email is [email protected]
  10. TuSiK09

    USA v. France...

    Great match yet again. Hope Japan can win so the U.S. doesn't have to play Sweden again.
  11. Hi!!!!
  12. TuSiK09


    Ive watched the entire woman's world cup, but my goodness by far one of theee greatest comebacks in history with a player down. Hope Solo is ridiculously hot! Ps. She will be my baby mama. Just saying
  13. Really enjoyed myself as well, can not wait until we meet up again so I can literally crush you guys into corners
  14. I enjoy driving the Redbull car its insanely fast! I hate how after you finish using the redbull car and move on to another vehicle you feel the dramatic changes in everything hahaha
  15. I havent touched that game in a while, but I would be more than glad to have an online race. If there is any cars you need for certain races let me know and ill be more than glad to lend them to you.
  16. Umm number 1 is alright, I still believe the Nintendo 64 should have taken it!