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  1. I ain't Mexican bitches. I'm Italian you dumb fux!
  2. ill see you guys tonight at planet hollywood. just look for a bad ass mother fucker in a URGENTFURY/LPK championship t shirt on ;D
  3. i work thursday! lol Ill talk to whitey
  4. should of done it like this How to change a VW Genetator-Alternator Fan belt!
  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !
  6. Thanks a lot everyone we appreciate it. It def. was a long tough run with a lot of very tough comp.
  7. WOW! very intense just reading about it! Good war U.
  8. are you just saying this so you can change your name AGAIN and tryout in another clan? I personally have only been in one clan and thats the one I created on socom 1 *L*P*K*.Almost came to a time that *L*P*K* died but I stuck with it and we are still here today.Either way take care.
  9. Chaka


    mine is strict and i also went straight to the modem with the same results.i have a hard time joining rooms.any ideas?
  10. socom is a old slut bag! even after she gets her makeover, shes still gonna be a ho!
  11. i went to gamestop to pick up my copy and saw over 500 people there so i went home.I went back at 10 this morning and only waited 10 minutes =)
  12. I was looking at my friends list and 3 of my clan members were allready playing. bastards got it from some swapmeet guy! they said theres over 8,000 people on line all ready
  14. A woman walks into a bar and sits down, she notices a man sitting a couple seats down. She watches as he takes a shot, runs to the window, jumps out, flies around the building and then sits back down. Astounded the woman asked how he did this. He answered, 'magic shot.' She tells him to do it again to prove it. He slams another shot and repeats his performance. The man looks at her and says 'go ahead give it a try.' The woman orders a shot, slams it, runs and jumps out the window and falls to her death. The bartender looks over at the man and says 'You know Superman, you can be a real asshole when you're drunk.
  15. nice to hear it. should i go straight to the modem or can i use a router to? as long as i keep my ps3 hard wired.