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  1. The SAS get the coolest clothing and headgear also.
  2. Never heard of Microsoft shit breaking on the first day. Shit, Halo 3 had over 1 million logged on every day for months with ZERO problems. Sony can't even handle 50,000. People need to quit making excuses for sorry ass Sony. I am a dumbass for going out and buying a PS3 for this bullshit game. If it wasn't for the Socom series I would have never owned a PS2 or PS3.
  3. KillerV

    Sons of Anarchy

    The show is ok and if you ride you will notice a lot of stereotypical bs but it's fun.
  4. It is better to kick ass than get our asses kicked..........I love that shit......Good shit. Who cares if the shithole countries around the world hate us. The US is nowhere near perfect but way better than any of those bs countries that so called "hate us". Mccain is the lesser of 2 evils, and believe me all politicians are evil corrupt liars. Hell, this Country was built by traitors.
  5. The only reason he picked a woman is to give the party a chance of winning. If he would have picked some old white guy that knowbody knows it would have already been over with Obama having a sweeping victory.
  6. Good for you, I served from 1992 to 1998. In my opinion every male should serve for a minimum of 3 years after high school. Does that make me sound like a communist??
  7. 1) I understand. Clearly only President Bill Clinton (in our time), is the only one who did not serve. Here is a good list: a) 2) You 'read wrong'. No where, does it say that you should hold your hand over your heart...during the 'National Anthem'. It was NOT...the Pledge of Allegiance: I stated I saw that somewhere, it doesn't mean anything to me at all since I won't vote for him anyway because of no military service. Oops I meant the National Anthem. REFERENCES: a) Proof of Obama was at the 'National Anthem': Proof that some of our past 'Presidents', have not saluted during the 'Pledge of Allegiance': "Please check ALL the links 'above', so that we can disspell the lies away from the truths." Also I did not vote for Bush the second time around either, I didn't vote at all because both of them were fucked up.
  8. I will NEVER vote for anyone that has not served in the military. I also read somewhere that during the Pledge of Allegiance he(Obama) does not cover his heart.
  9. No dope for me since my senior year in high school.(A long time ago in a galaxy far far away)
  10. ^^^^^^^I am from Texas too..... Maybe he should have taunted them to get the guys to run at him first.
  11. I would have shot the bastards too. They should stay the f out of peoples homes. Pieces of garbage and 2 less on the streets I have to worry about.
  12. KillerV

    CoD4 on 360

    My Live Tag is Smertrius
  13. KillerV

    Ugly Mug Pics

    So nice to see everyone.........
  14. Happy B-Day......I turned 33 last month.... :'(
  15. I didn't see a picture thread and I am bored so here we go Now you ccan come to Dallas and identify me when I tick you off on Socom.
  16. I have Verizon Fios cable,internet, and phone.........mmm good.
  17. Cowboys..........I never bet against even if we have lost every game.
  18. KillerV

    Halo 3

    Anybody getting this tonight? I also found a badass video here
  19. KillerV

    Rep Ya State!

    No shit. Me too Dallas Texas baby.