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  1. 6 Month old PC titles go on sale for 15.99. After a year, its 7.49 or less. Console titles are NEVER that cheap used. If you are buying console games used around release, its 5 dollars cheaper. I remember I bought Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition last year while I was working at gamestop for 7.49 on Steam. Someone came it to buy it for console and it was $25 used.
  2. What kind of battery life do you get? I've seen review sites say around 6 hours, but they never specify how it is being used.
  3. I've been looking at getting a smartphone. I assume you like the EVO? What don't you like about it?
  4. AieL has a few members overseas, but I don't think it is enough to field a team. I know we at least have 4, but we are running tryouts now and that number could increase. We will keep you updated!
  5. Awesome! The movie is looking to be pretty badass.
  6. I'm looking for something from Bethesda, seems like they haven't done anything recently. :0 They must have something cooking in their sleeves.
  7. Your posts like this pretty much confirm it. My advice to you? Go play your gamebattles while you can, as you will dissolve in a month or two anyway.
  8. Read this again. Meaning, you ask them for specific instances that occurred which led them to believe you had outside communication. Ask them to cite specific examples of clan members with glitching history.
  9. Your assumption that you were denied access because you were destroying EVAL is silly. When I went through Hell Week with WOLF, we won all 5 nights, and yet were still accepted. Sorry, but I think you need to drop the act and take a serious look at the reasons you were denied. Talk to the directors, figure out the reasons why and try to disprove them then. Throwing out accusations isn't going to send you anywhere but backwards.
  10. Sorry, I didn't see your post earlier in the thread. I honestly skimmed through the posts in this thread.
  11. That is what I said as a reason before and I still hold to it. AieL will sign up if given the opportunity. WOLF is having some issues. AMBJE's house burned down. I wouldn't expect them to respond. SHO has stated that they are done with COD for the time being. That leaves: OGC 503 >R< cBF
  12. LunaticWolf

    MW2 Maps

    No, WE pay Microsoft to get the maps early. ;D You guys dont want to pay right. (35/12 = < $3 a month) Sorry, still not worth it
  13. Spawn, Run for a really long time, Die from someone you never saw. Spawn, Run for a really long time, Die from someone you never saw. Spawn, Run for a really long time, Die from someone you never saw. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.
  14. I guess we have different opinions on how quick a quick patch is, especially when absolutely gamebreaking issues are involved. I can't say anything about Socom, as I only played the first one on PS2, and have never played one online.
  15. During our CT Recon match with SHO, we asked them if they would be playing in 141 Summer, and they said no, because they are burnt out on COD. Personally, I think MW2 is just not as good of a game as previous titles. You can only rehash the same game so many times. This game lost its steam because of all the bullshit they took forever to patch, or didn't patch at all.
  16. Yes I can. I have used the quick scope, that's why I think it is hinky. You can claim all you want that it takes skill, but it's just timing. As for no-scoping, you won't change my mind. Until I see someone doing it in person, I'll believe it's cheating. A random, lucky no-scope is one thing, but the frequency it happens in game negates that entirely, in my eyes. I have to agree with this. Just because you can, doesn't make it alright. I believe that a quick hardscope takes a lot more skill than any quick/no-scope ever will.
  17. I have never seen another group with the tag [AieL], but while I was with wolf, I saw plenty. Just go do a search for [WOLF] on gamebattles, and you come up with at least 10 clans all running the same tag. And that doesn't even include the random public groups.
  18. This video is not a montage. It is video from our 1v1 tryouts for our clan. BTW, this is hardcore, nothing like the music we used.
  19. The only other thing that I would like to see incorporated is more game modes. Headquarters, CTF, SnD, are all really great game modes. Maybe the Fall Tac Map?
  20. This is good! It was kind of lame that in the second round of attacks, nearly half the teams were forced to skip due to no attacks being available. It also made Sweep bonuses almost impossible to use.
  21. Using the Blackmagic with a PS3, you have to use the Component Cables to record. You cannot use HDMI. The PS3 outputs HDMI with HDCP, High Definition Content Protection to prevent people recording Blue-ray movies and illegally redistributing them. I doubt the Playstation 3 would work with any recording device with HDMI input because of the HDCP. HDMI from a 360 will work with the Blackmagic, as it does not output with HDCP. I have zero lag or latency issues while playing. PS3->PC->TV. WoodysGamerTag on Youtube uses a similar setup as myself. The Blackmagic/Hauppage/and probably the Vulkano are all designed to record without any lag on the players end. The only issue you could run into with the blackmagic is dropping frames, which is due to your hard drive not being able to write fast enough. The Hauppage and the Vulkano (I assume) process the whole video in the unit, and transfer the data over USB2.0, which HD's can easily handle. If you have a newer computer with USB3.0, I'm tempted to recommend you the Intensity Shuffle, which is like the Hauppage, but can record in full 1080p. No dropped frames like you chance with the Intensity Pro. If you want to test your hard drive write speed, download HD Tach or HD Tune for a quick benchmark. I posted the write speed requirements in the thread I linked Pathogen to earlier in the thread.
  22. Not sure I like that for Multiplayer. Tubes are enough. Looking sharp though.