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  1. I'll let him know you're looking for him
  2. Got to get my boys on this list. Missed playing with everybody.
  3. No problems with dead body dancing at all here, though I understand why it's banned from tourny action. I heard you can "Dougie" and "Jerk" as victory dances on this one, but I haven't seen such and I believe that its just my friend yanking me
  4. What's up Shadow. You know Ironstar is always ready and willing to scrimmage you guys. Any evening this week, we should have about 7-8 ready to go
  5. Yoo, there I go at 9:25! Awesome! Loving Socom 4 thus far BTW
  6. Oh, well there's a lot of that on Urgent Fury, always has been... But this is at least game related. Anyone who's played Dragon Age Orgins can relate to the topic as well. I'd imagine we could discuss this like mature adults. If not, may a mod please lock the post now as I'm not trying to start any drama within these forums. I was just hoping to hear some gamer opinions instead of all the media propaganda. I'll just take this conversation somewhere else...
  7. What's you guys take on THIS? There's been quite a bit of controversy around it.
  8. Peace to the two brothas who made this all possible. You hard work is greatly appreciated and as seen here has not gone unnoticed.
  9. Been a while since I've posted but perhaps this is an appropriate time to speak up. Welcome to the new owners, great to see things still up and running. But more over, thanks to Undertow and Sniper. Quite a foundation you've built here, and I'm sure, judging by the tone of the new owners, they will do you guys proud. Wish you guys the best with future endeavors. PS: I had heard word of mouth UF was ending, so I'm just glad everything worked out and we're not losing another good gaming community. Much love to all.
  10. Right you are CDBS. And Killzone 2's since of WARFARE is far more epic than any other game i've seen
  11. Yeah Wiz, this game is going to rock! I garuntee this game will have a larger community then Socom.
  12. I personally been a die-hard socom fan since the first game... After Killzone 2 comes out, I will SELDOM if EVER touch Confrontation again... I'm in love with Next-Gen gaming and Confrontation in my opinion is far from Next-Gen. It could've been on PS2 really. I think if you guys try Killzone 2, it might yank you away from socom too
  13. On behalf of my gaming group, iRoN*Star (formerly known as FBR), I'd like to wish everyone happy holidays. May everyone have a safe and enjoyable break from their busy lives. Click Link for Instant Holiday Spirit
  14. You know, I did record the conversation that got you ousted from our clan. The one where you admitted to a ton of lies.... the one where you cried to keep your tags and yada yada. And you're supposedly "Not afraid to be yourself" when I have you on tape admitting that you are.... wow. As long as you keep FBR out of your post and the tag off your name, you don't have to worry about us because none of us have any type of grudge or even care about you for that matter. But, if you continue to play this GB Ref tough guy role, and continue to run around misrepresenting my clan (which is VERY important to me)) I will add your video into to the collection of many I plan on editing this week, and let everyone see who you really are. Out of respect for the UF community, this is my last response in this topic, and Crusha if you know whats good for you, you won't be back here either. I apologize to anyone who had to read this garbage, I HATE drama and do as much as I can to avoid it. And please know that NO MEMBER OF FBR would EVER handle themself on these forums the way he has, telling people to 'fuck off" and being disrespectful. Hopefully all this BS, between this guy and Mr. Needle Peter, can subside within the next day or so.
  15. Him and HalfCock go drinkin' together by any chance.....? Ha, you know at this point nothing will suprise me. As a true competitor, I'm not a big fan of antics outside of competetion, and that seemed to be crusha's bread and butter. Hes so desperate for attention, I've blocked 3-4 different PSN names he's tried to get in contact with me through. He's destroyed the reputation of a few of the clans he's been in, (more namely ae69 and their leader DarkTigress). He's a corrupt GB ref, a maggot, a thorn in our side, a dingleberry that cannot be wiped, he JUST WONT GO AWAY... wow that does sound a lot like ...well, ya know...
  16. Hello to everyone here at UF. I wanted to take a quick second to adress an issue with someone wearing our tags and coming here, bothering the UF community. LK-Crusha IS NOT IN OUR CLAN. He was a part of FBR practices for two weeks during the socom beta, but once we found out how dishonest and disrespectful he was, we we're quick to let him go and never look back. Ever since, he has been stalking us. He spammed our forums with hatred until we banned him, he searches all socom servers to find our rooms and nag us, and he continues to wear our tags, despite the fact that he is NOT IN OUR CLAN! None of us want anything to do with this guy, and I'm sure by his recent forum shenanigans you all can see why. One thing I will say though, is wherever there is drama, there is this guy. I've seen him banned off many forums, and kicked from many clans (I believe LTU was the most recent to drop him). He feeds off attention, and will do anything (And I mean ANYTHING) for it.
  17. Whats up Tweek, I remember you guys from that other competition site, I won't mention it because I don't like dignifying it, but good to see you here man. Tell Slizzy I said whats up.... if he remembers me
  18. I think if you have a solid group of people who are real tight, that it could possibly work. Maybe a group that wants to play together, but wants to put themselves in the greatest position to be the best they can be. They might vote to see who the strongest leader in the group is and mark him "President". But there can be no egos or and a lot of patience.
  19. Well I definitely didn't come here for remorse so no need to say sorry my brotha. The main thing I like about UF is how you have to follow rules to the T, and I pride myself on being thorough with everything I do . So if I came here asking for a pass, it would be against what I am about. I got caught up, so we take our L like men. But I will definitely stick around and hopefully we can participate in the Horsemen Tournament when it comes along. Once again good luck to everyone, and thank you again for the opportunity! Next time I wont choke on it...
  20. Which is true C_A_G_E, just been bad times for me as of late... what can I say, life has gotten a little rougher than normal the last several days and I dropped the ball... All I can say is good luck to the other teams, enjoy this tournament and sorry for the issues this will cause (If any considering I was the only one who didn't make the deadline). God bless all
  21. Hopefully this last, considering everything ran smoothly after most people went to bed. I don't want to have to stay up until 2-3 in the morning to get a decent game in... but I'm willing to do it
  22. Very sad about this, but yet very patient =)
  23. Some guy named [P$] McChicken, I remember because after I killed him, I got a serious craving for Mickey D's
  24. I know man, its awesome. This was definitely the best team we've had since the Dream Team.
  25. What's up to everyone here in the UF community. Just thought I'd stop through to see how everyone is doing. Shout outs to iLL, LPK, APC, SHO, and everyone else we got a chance to play with in Crucible 1. I'd imagine a lot more has happened since the finish of that tournament. I hope to see you all in Socom, peace! Oh, and Anyone who is looking for a nice active Madden league, hit me up.