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  1. Good luck Shane! Very exciting stuff. Sent from my Galaxy S III using Tapatalk 2
  2. Unless a socom type game comes out for the ps4 I'm sticking with my 3 until it dies. That's also a poor college kid talking.
  3. Such BS. It can't be that hard to make it backwards compatible. Greedy bastards.
  4. Welcome. Look forward to seeing you on black ops 2. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk 2
  5. Didn't realize this was going on. I had just got on the game for the first time since getting it and I was playing with my clan. I will forward the message to my clan.
  6. 99% of my neflix time is spend on my ps3. Might be different if I had an internet capable TV but I don't.
  7. I know these games nowadays are all about the multiplayer aspect, but good god I cannot stand these linear style campaigns. I realize each mission needs a beginning and end, but it's how you get to the end that makes or breaks a campaign. Does anyone remember the old SOCOM single players? Those were great. You get to choose your guns based on how you want to play the mission (sniper, assault, heavy machine gun, etc.), then they insert you into the AO, then they basically let you accomplish the mission however you want with a little direction just so you don't get lost. Finally you make it to an extraction point where a truck/helicopter/boat picks you up. Rinse and repeat. Sometimes you even needed to escort hostages or VIPs to the extraction point. No unrealistic car chase scenes or snowmobile scenes. No raping everyone in sight with a helicopter or gunship. Just a humvee every once and a while and the good 'ole 50. cal turret. Maybe Im just expecting too much from SP in games that are clearly only created to play MP. Thats probably why Ill buy ACIII instead of MoH or CoD. Sorry just needed to vent my frustrations -blood
  8. And we will never see those days again.
  9. The thing you can expect about CSGO is that you won't see another CS game anytime soon. There was an 8 year gap between CS Source and CSGO.
  10. We were interested like 6 months ago. Not so much now. Sorry.
  11. Too bad their first game was for mobile devices. I don't play games like that. Hopefully they start on a console game soon.
  12. Ya I've been playing CS Source on my PC. I haven't felt like that playing a game since Socom CA.
  13. BO2 looks terrible. IMO. I hated MW3 and I will not buy BO2.
  14. Money. Thats why. They wanted to tap into that ungodly number of copies CoD sells. Zipper wanted one thing, Sony wanted money.
  15. Well good thing I returned the ps2 and Socom CA I bought lol. At least they are keeping SoCon. I really enjoy that game.
  16. Ya its the same way with cKs right now. We are just going to wait for it to come out and we will see. I don't think we are ready to fully commit to a game that we just aren't sure about. We made that mistake with S4.