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  1. yea we dont have 32.. but i dont think we would be a waste of space... infact... PoWs may or may not even effect a team... that is the goal of course.. but you never know what could happen.. i say if you have 20 or so ppl sign up.. its still not to late...
  2. word that makes me feel better.. we had 25 at time of sign ups .. and now we have 29.. but still not 32... glad that wont be a factor...
  3. my Sharp LCD has an auto change on signal..and it stays 1080p... its not tru 1080p of course.. but it looks good.. game is awesome... still havnt made it online yet either...
  4. it took longer to install then to download... seems as thought all games are upconverted now?? cuz vegas is comin up as 1080p not i on my tv... which is sweet! .. anything else big??
  5. good find.. been waiting for more.. although the first one got my pre-order... hopefully we will be competing in UF 4 and time will go by quicker
  6. i am not a clancy or fps fan.. but this game is awesome... so far i too have only played off line.. but the way things flow... man.. good stuff Ubi
  7. for those who havnt found it yet.. call your local game stop or EB today.. mine was scheduled for the 26th, then pushed to the 29th .. and i called them today and they have them.. so i am on my way to get mine.. good luck to all others still searching...
  8. and at 29.99 how can you go wrong?
  9. thats interesting .. how do you know whos in your clan?
  10. man i think it looks funny ... online would be sweet too..!!
  11. inadub

    SOCOM 4

    there is a site called xlink, you should be able to access it here : i have yet to set it all up.. but if you have the map pack 2 data you can connect to the xlink servers via LAN instead of online and you can play w/ others similair to servers we play on.. i have a few friends that have done this.. but again i have not so i am not positive this all works.. but friends claim it works...
  12. simply beautiful... the podcast was very nice addition.. very professional any newcomers will sure be wowed by the content avail...
  13. inadub

    This is why

    yea im glad my bomb making days are over... ;D
  14. inadub

    This is why

    wow.. i couldnt tell did he loose a finger???
  15. sounds like you have alot of choices.. but here
  16. have you seen optimus?? he appears to not be in "HIS PRIME" anymore..
  17. i might be able to help.. you can get a hold of me here: thanks
  18. word i heard rumors of SD coming in and taking over .. but being that i now have a blu-ray.. i am definately pulling for the Blu Ray and this is good news.
  19. agreed but its almost like its a fad w/ video games.. look at socom .. CA didnt get considered socom4 and now the launching Confrontation and then Socom 4?? im w/ ya though.. either way GTA4/6 looks to be good...
  20. got my attention.. my clan has been asking if there was a prize and i have been like " yea... pride among legit clans.." and all were like sweet totally worth it.. but now.. wait till they see this!!! Starbursts and keychains for all!!!! jk cant wait to see what it is
  21. i got it for the wii... its fun but no online.. which makes me want to get it for ps3 as well... i hate buying same game twice.. i have refused to do so until now.. ol tiger just might make it happen...
  22. check us out in West 1 Ranked around 10pm -12am Fri and Sat nights western time.. sometime after 11 we usually bounce to Clan Practice to find a war w/ however many we have .. usually about 7-10 you can always click link in sig and post on our msg brd to ask... we are fairly organized and usually have a good idea for how many will be on later that night... anyways check us out and we will look for you.. hopefully our play times will allow us to cross paths...sometimes its hard being a late night clan.
  23. wow... females ... cant live w/ them .. cant , .. well.." insert favorite finish line here"...