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  1. yup. its confirmed. i creamed myself.... now if i could only find that damn cat....
  2. i got 2 move controllers and a navigation controller. i love the sports champions, the gladiator is the shit, and the archery is just OMFG awesome. tryed the LOTR:aragorns quest, just terrible.
  3. has any1 tryed useing there unlock code? i keep getting this fucking error message tellin me i cant connect to the server?
  4. the ending is the best part. fuckin classic. *i fucked your dad*. oh man.


    hahaha, she wants a benchmade knife for her birfday! great knives if any1 cares. my personal favorite brand.
  6. rodney dangerfield people. gets no respect.
  7. well, im gonna rub a few off to this one. maybe have sex with a sheep for a change. my wife was just milked and aint to happy right now. oh and hurry for S4 ;D
  8. correct, but its super fuckin fun.
  9. lol well buy me something good....I got one on the way already they are easy, about 15 screws and it's out and in. thats what she said?
  10. ya i applied for the tourney intime
  11. LPK and myself played teh mag thoroughly, playin all three factions so we can make the best choice when the game drops. its amazing. not some spawn and die mindless FPS like COD. MAG takes teamwork. shit we realized if we didnt have at least 2 medics we were screwed. its at least worht a try, most my guys are old farts who hate FPS but boy did they fuckin love mag. shit is ballin man.
  12. im going to have to agree, epic. simple and unoriginal story line, but retold in an epic fashion. fuckin amazing.
  13. i want your old ninja chicken sig back rooster. damnit i loved that thing
  14. thanks everybody! appreciate all your support! i love all of you as you all know. unless a dead corpse gets in the way. and then im munging all day. but hey! rofl that ryhmed. thanks everyone, it was a great playin with all of you again.
  15. On behalf of LPK i want to thank the Creators of this awsome tournament! that also includes you Undertow & Sniper!. and i appreciate all the hard work the staff did to make this a great tournament, even with a few bumps along the road. and thank you to all the clans that participated! so with that being said, lets re-pack our bags and get ready for another great fuckin year in 2010 bitches!
  16. fuckin nice shit shane. classic bro. great fuckin match U, that shit was back and forth the entire match.
  17. i got the assault rifle as primary, and pistol as secondary. cause i usually switch to pistol instead of reloading, and i never use the smg's, and im happy with the sniper rifles right now.