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  1. Whomever sent those screenshots was pulling your leg about those being sketches of SOCOM 4 Those screenshots in the first post came from the game mod Insurgency. Sorry guys, there's no SOCOM 4 being worked on by Zipper. Not now, probably not ever. :'( See here -->
  2. What someone needs to do is buy this place and keep all of the existing staff. You can't run this place if you can't run this place. Seems like the staff here are doing a pretty good job. Secondly, we still NEED Tow and Sniper, at least for consultation reasons. Thirdly, this place needs to be marketed more as ad revenue isn't so hot. However the sheer awesomeness of the site's design and the tight knit community, makes this place as great as it is. $10K seems more like a fair bid to start but I've only got $20K in the bank and I'm already involved in starting my own business with a few grand tied up in it, with more on the way... I think if some folks got together, it'd be easy to get the highest bid as a group. Just think, even 5 people with $500 doubles the minimum bid. Don't be cheap you bastards! Also, I'm pretty sure the purpose of the silent auction is so that at the end of the bidding, who it goes to is ultimately up to Tow and Sniper. So, I'm pretty sure there not going to be selling it to some schmuck in a suit who wants to turn Urgent Fury into a porn site. If everyone wants to show how much they love UF-- and yes times are hard these days-- put your money where your mouth is! Good luck guys!
  3. For saving video (and lots of other media types) I like to usethe Firefox plugin called, UnPlug: which is working great in FF 3.0.10
  4. That's not a dick, that's a crotch pimple.
  5. Sup guys, it's been a few. I'm glad you guys are giving this a shot!! It's awesome to get away from the analog cigs ;D I've been using a joye306a but I recently another model, called a joye510. I made a video talking at length about both models and demonstrating performance on both models. Preface: Please excuse the sniffles, my usual Spring allergies are acting up and my allergy pills were wearing off. I didn't script it, I repeat myself a lot, I say "uhh" and "umm" a lot and I seem to have lost the ability to use adjectives correctly. I didn't really know what I was going to say until I started. I look and sound like a tard, I need a shave. This video is kinda long, lol. BTW, I recorded this on my PS3 and it would stop recording when the powersave mode turned off the controller (I'll need to keop that in mind next time). Enjoy. Video on Vimeo:
  6. I just got some of the "Vegas" from electronicstix and it tastes sorta like... smoke roasted peanut m&m's? Pretty damned yummy. Also, got come of the "Cigar" flavor, that one taste like wood cured tobacco to me. Kinda harsh though.
  7. I've used a cheap $30 BELKIN F5D7230 for a few years with no issues:
  8. When I said "golden", you'll notice that I put it in quotes. Not golden as in perfect, but as in complete. Even complete games can get patches or added content (a la Burnout) but SOCOM Confrontation is the first game to come out with "missing" features stated in the manual. Although I see no mention of the "voice messaging" in this patch. It's early though, so maybe they'll add it it along the way.
  9. bizzyb0t

    Patch 1.42

    This issue has been around for a while, perhaps this patch made it worse. I had this issue frequently until I disabled DTS sound. The PS3 defaults to DTS sound (via the optical out) if it's enabled. Since I've been using the Dolby Surround and haven't had an issue since disabling DTS in the Sound Settings. This also worked when I was just using sound through the TV via HDMI. I just noticed this advice. I lost sound for the first time since the patch and noticed my receiver flashing different functions. If I disable the DTS and use Dolby Surround, does that reduce my sound quality? I guess its a small price to pay for sound, but its kinda of bullshit I have to do this for SOCOM. When no other game has ever dropped the sound. I don't think that it'll reduce your sound quality. DTS is just another way to deliver surround sound. From what I can tell, lots of people seem to be losing sound in 32-player Fallen maps. I then joined a respawn room that was all Fallen and lost my sound!! Makes me wonder what the cause is... I've never had an issue with sound until this 1.42 patch, even with DTS disabled. After more research into this, I'm beginning to think this patch fucked the sound up in this game, causing more people to lose sound with increased frequency.
  10. That's exactly what a lot of people do. ;D Bad things happen to me when I get off the nicotine though. You know, like eating myself to death, lol.
  11. I signed up for the beta test. Interesting concept, we'll see if it's a failboat or not.
  12. Tool, I think you meant I just ordered some Cigar and "Vegas" flavored e-liquid from him last night. The guy that runs the site is named Jason, and he's a cool dude. Really fast shipping and if you're on late at night, you can chat directly with him on his site or on AIM. On his contact page, you can call his mobile to ask him questions and stuff as well. Oh, it's totally not the same. Vapor isn't as nasty as smoke. I've found that cutting the liquid with about 30% Glycerin U.S.P. makes the vapor thicker, and that seems to be more satisfying to me. Don't worry, it gets better as you go along ;D
  13. That was awesome. I never got that interesting of a flight attendant when I flew SWA. She had nice tits though. :-\
  14. Well, I looked at what it comes with and it doesn't come with anything extra to warrant the price they're asking. I mean, I'm not trying to be a dick or anything, I just was shocked at that price!! It seems like they're selling through a reseller that's charging WAY too much. And considering that there's only 5 or so manufacturers of e-cigs in China and only 3 of them are any good, I doubt they're any better in quality, to warrant a higher price tag. Even Janty which is considered the "top of the line" is manufactured by JOYE ( I just know that I'd be bummed if I paid $139, then found out later that I could have paid half of that. Besides, the whole reseller thing is kinda iffy in my book considering the way that site is set up, it's more like a Ponzi scheme In any case, you're friends should really look into selling directly form the manufacturers, because in bulk you can get units for around $25 shipped. Only problem is, coming up with the initial capital to the MQO. Dude, that is AWESOME! ;D Glad to hear they're steering you away from cigs. Be sure to visit the E-cig forum (linked in my above post) for all your questions and stuff. Lots of helpful people there and a great place to to get questions answered and discuss the e-cigs in general. It's all about getting away from those cancer sticks. I'm totally stoked about these, to the point I walk up to random strangers smoking and show it to them and most of the time the first question is, "Where do I get them?". I should start handing out business cards with the sites and information about them on them, heh.
  15. Anyone have any theories on why? I'm thinking it may be some sort of network DNS cache issue with the PSN.
  16. HOLY SHIT! $139.00 for a kit that sells for less than a less than half of that on most other sites? Geez Louise! Those kits should really be only about $60 -- If I was an e-cig n00b, I'd probably fall for that but they are charging WAY too much! All there prices seem horribly inflated. Here's some US sellers that have decent prices for comparison: And for direct customer information regarding the above sellers, just visit the and ask around. You'll find that the notion of a seller with kits for a $139 price tag is completely nuts. Also, on the ECF forums you can chat directly with the sellers who are active on the forums and get feedback right there on the forums as well. What I've found after considerable research, is that the ECF forum is the best and most comprehensive single source of information for e-cigs on the internet. Look into ordering some e-liquid, it's WAY cheaper than carts. It's used for refilling cartridges and for "dripping". Those sites I linked to above are good sources for the juice. Be sure to check out the ECF forums for more information, and a great place to ask questions. I should note that I've personally bought from all those sellers. All have great prices, excellent customer service and fast shipping (I'm in Denver, btw).
  17. Well, for the inter-functionality, the PS3 Official headset is a clear winner. It also has a VERY loud speaker, probably the loudest of all the BT headsets I've ever owned. It's battery life is quite impressive as well. The Jabra Eargels are a great way to improve the comfort and fit, but they seem to muffle the sound a little bit. If you get the Aliph Jawbone, DO NOT get the Jawbone 2, get the first one. The battery life SUCKS on the newer. It's smaller, and they made it bit more durable with the charging connector but the sound quality is the same, imho, and (I reiterate) the battery life blows compared to the first one. I also second the motion for the Plantronics 510 Voyager. Great all-around. All the Motorola ones I've tried with the exception of the H700 have been sorta crappy ans far as sound quality goes. Although my HS-850 and HS-800 from 5 years ago still works great.
  18. 1.50 looks like the "golden" patch that should have been what was pressed on the game disk for the initial US launch. Let's just hope that once the 1.50 patch is released, the promised DLC will start rolling in. I'm also envisioning a lot of clans switching from French to another faction, lol. As for the other stuff in patch 1.50, I'm VERY curious what the new cross-hairs in the scopes look will look like. I was one of the people who actually like the medium scope because it was the least obstructive scope-- perfect for sniping through narrow spaces and shooting limbs. I'm hoping for a fully (as in every button/stick) customizable controller scheme because I'm left-handed, nothing seems to "fit" right. I want full and complete control. I'd like them to give a controller option to "opt-out" of the D-pad lean. I'd also like more precise choices for button assignment For instance, removing the taunts button and replacing it with a "quick select 2" button! ;D
  19. I played KZ2 for a while. I really like that all the technical aspects of the game are there and the functionality of the game is polished, unlike SOCOM. However, I just lost interest in it. It's too "frantic" for lack of a better word. Just wave after wave, nade after nade. Every battle seems the same and it just seems endless. Also, I hate open mics, ugh. I can still jump on SOCOM Confrontation, and while it frustrates me sometimes (but not as much as before), I always have a blast. :-\ As a side note: I was excited about the fact that KZ2 had a lot of aspects that were similar to TF2 as well. The thing is TF2 is still more fun than KZ2, imo. ;D
  20. That sounds like something that you'd read on
  21. Actually, the minimum is $5. On a side note, I hate how nothing is whole dollars on the PSN-- it's always $xx.99. They always get to keep the pennies!
  22. bizzyb0t

    Patch 1.42

    This issue has been around for a while, perhaps this patch made it worse. I had this issue frequently until I disabled DTS sound. The PS3 defaults to DTS sound (via the optical out) if it's enabled. Since I've been using the Dolby Surround and haven't had an issue since disabling DTS in the Sound Settings. This also worked when I was just using sound through the TV via HDMI.
  23. Which site did you order from? And which model?