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  1. My problem with Confrontation is the stale maps that are symmetrical. They only focus on making maps as even as possible so every map can have 7 gamemodes work on it, which leads to maps like Quarantine,Fallen,Kasbah etc. Plus they added side switching to make things even more fair and no tiebreaker. I liked original maps like Death Trap. What a fun map, but a map like that probably wont ever be made no more because maps have to work on 6-7 gamemodes instead of just 1 like it used to. I would prefer 12-15 maps with 1 gamemode than having 6-7 maps that work with 6-7 gamemodes.
  2. Hi, we are a new clan(Socom clan) starting out and will be entering hell week soon. If anyone is looking for a clan check us out. We are looking for solid active players that are mature and would fit in with us. We are madeup of 90% UF experienced members so we are not new to UF as individuals. We also have one or two leadership opportunities for players that show leadership capabilities. If you are interested just head to our site and put up an application, or if you want to know more about us first just shoot me a pm on here. Also other UF community members feel free to stop by and say hi. We also have 7-8 with Red Dead Redemption that are currently playing that.
  3. Whitesky did the site and -Hz is some old LTU guys and some old socom 3 -Hz guys and a few from different clans. I think we used to battle back in S3 when you were in Warriors on the NSL
  4. Our clan is primarily socom focused however at least 6 of us have 360's. We are a new clan however and have not yet entered hell week, but 90 % of our clan has been in a UF clan. Our site just went up last week,
  5. Sounds like it could be fun and if its for Socom im down. After Hell Week of course. Texas
  6. xRuthlessRebelx

    BioShock 2

    Anyone play this online? Just finished the single player gt- xRuthlessRebelx
  7. It seems like every clan has at least some people that play xbox, but not enough to field a whole team. Maybe in the future for xbox events teams can be formed with different clans sort of like horseman? By the way i've still got my fingers crossed for a Left 4 Dead 2 tourney On a serious note with all of UF expanding will it eventually support games that arent just military themed? Because how sweet would an Aliens vs Predator tourney be?
  8. I agree that getting kills is fine in standard mode as I stated in my original post. I would only want it on hardcore so there is no radar unless someone calls in a UAV. You can play hardcore and raise the health from minuscule to normal.
  9. So how is everyone feeling the multiplayer? And if it was up to you how would you handle clan wars? I think the conventional wisdom around here was that clan wars for this game should be hardcore,no perks, no air support and I would have agreed with that before the game came out. But maybe not so fast now. I think with 203's aside the game is incredibly balanced and fun the way it is. I love how everything has a counter. For example yeah you just called in your care package, but it actually has to drop from the sky and your enemy can take it away from you if your not careful. I think that is one example of what is casual in a public room could turn intense in the same situation in a clan war. Some say the air support isnt fun, but I disagree. Once you unlock Stinger missiles etc. things are easier to shoot down. I just like all the different decisions a clan would have to make going into a clan war with air support on. Do you want a lot of peoples secondarys weapons as a stinger or keep them with a hangun or shotgun etc? It could add a lot of depth to clan wars. Perks I could live without but they dont bother me as much this time around. It would actually just add more depth to clan wars I think. It makes every teammate and enemy unique. Like sure with Sleight of Hand you can reload super fast but you cant sprint as long as the guy coming at you with marathon, or the guy with Scavenger getting ammo off dead bodies, or Bling the guy with 2 attachemts etc. And last but certainlty not least clan wars. This is only my opinion and I would like to see how others would think clan wars would be so anyways you can take this part with a grain of salt. I would like all clan wars to be hardcore BUT only to get rid of radar. Health can be moved from minuscule to normal, because I think people die pretty easy as is. 2nd im not a big respawn fan but it dosent bother me as much this time around. However there has to be some penalty for death in a clan war especially gamemodes where you are trying to capture something. 5,10,15,30 seconds something, I think I would personally prefer 15. Perks on & Killstreak rewards on, FF on. All gamemodes are good to go except FFA of course. Thats all I got and I like the 45 second timer when a bomb is planted. Oh one more thing, I think we all like the usual hour clan war so to make sure a war isnt 15-20 minutes maybe jack up whatever to win. TDM either move to score from 7500 to 1500, or 30 min match whoever is ahead wins, or maybe everyone gets a certain amount of lives damn the possibilities are endless but thats a good thing right?
  10. So new clans have to go through Hell Week & Bootcamp to play in a tacmap tourney?
  11. I will play both. And its not FPS that bothers me about Cod its the respawn. No respawn round based gameplay is how I prefer my competitive multiplayer experience. And yes I know Cod has one gamemode like that but thats it just one. S&D is just like breach to me, its fun to play but it gets boring if thats all you play. Plus I know you can make a private room and play sabotage with no respawn etc. but what if not enough people are on for that? Plus most likely only a clan would play that way. You cant play real competitive that way if your just playing against your clan. But to each his own.
  12. Oh yeah im getting it. Left 4 Dead 2 and Assassins Creed 2 on the same day!
  13. Hard to say. Borderlands is definitely the game i'm playing for the moment as are many others. I think once this game has some shelf time to it though, it wont be in peoples systems as long as Fallout 3 was as least for me. I cant speak for anyone else but I played Fallout 3 for over 130 hours, bought all 5 DLC's. I dont think i've ever played a single player game that much and I dont even like rpgs. While Borderlands is a great game I just dont think it will have a lasting impact on people minds as much as Fallout 3 did. However many people might say Borderlands just because it is what they are playing right now. But Borderlands has only been out a week and i've already beaten every single mission and side quest and i'm halfway through on playthrough 2. Where as Fallout 3 there was just so much to do and places to explore espcially when you first step out of the vault and see the DC in the background. Wow what a moment
  14. I like the name of the map
  15. Its definitely worth it. I bought a 360 a couple of years ago just for one game(Dead Rising) and now every game I buy that comes out on both systems I get it for xbox unless its a game our clan will play. Last gen it was the opposite for me, I bought every game I wanted for ps2 and only exclusives for xbox. As for fanboyism I've never understood it. Why do people pledge allegiance to a video game console? PS3 & 360 are both great consoles. As gamers we should be happy that our consoles compete with each other as games just keep getting better and better with time.
  16. Any chance we can play cod socom style when the tourneys start. It seems like the majority of people are against respawn anyways. I dont know what gamemodes mw2 will have but if it has the same ones as the last ones we should listen to chilly on this. We should do it socom style, round based no respawn. Team Deathmatch=suppression Sabotage=Demolition Search & Destroy=breach kind of etc.
  17. That would be awesome but no way thats true
  18. gt- xScoFieldx Farthest i've gotten is the second set, 2nd round, 4th wave. Anyone here play?
  19. Dang thats tough, heres 10 of my favs in no particular order 1. Pulp Fiction 2. A Clockwork Orange 3. Reservoir Dogs 4. Goodfellas 5. Silence of the Lambs 6. The Shawshank Redemption 7. Requiem for a Dream 8. The Thing 9. 28 Days Later 10. Dawn of the Dead(Romero Version)
  20. A few of us 101 folks are having a Socom 2 throwback night tonight and we would like enough people to make a private room to avoid glitchers etc. So if anyone is interested reply here or shoot me a pm. My S2 name is same as it is here xScoFieldx We have 6 on
  21. October 6th is what I am hearing. Is multiplayer 4v4 or 8v8 cuz i've hear both. And im not talking about co-op which is 4, but the actual competitive multiplayer.
  22. Is October 11 a believable release date for this? I just figured with less than 60 days til release I would have heard more about it.