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  1. For the poll I pay for 50x5 To answer, at least give some information, about your question on why cable is not symmetrical. There are a few reasons. 1: Apparently it cost ISPs more for upload with their backbone interconnect. I know for a fact that Time Warner Cable has made a business decision to limit the bandwidth at their interconnects with other backbone providers and I believe there are 6 interconnects. So in essence they are throttling us at those points. 2: Cable (Coax) was not designed for symmetrical transferring. 3: It is a way to limit P2P traffic. Now in the past year or so cable companies are increasing bandwidth with DOCSIS3 and trying to compete with Fiber options but of course my area Time Warner is the only option so I am screwed because they don't have any competition to worry about. Areas with Google, ATT Fiber and Verizon FIOS cable options are in the 300X30 range. Honestly I would be fine with 50x5 IF they turned up my QoS. Actually I would like to have 10up at least. Testing at work, business class, I get 5ms to servers 100 miles away. Same provider, higher speeds and same test to same server I get 20-25ms from home. That latency is huge in gaming!
  2. Well bgcntry and BigMoney are MIA sooooooo........
  3. SHANE23


    Changing the OS to x64 and allowing more RAM usage definitely made the site more responsive! Nice job!
  4. Just more fun
  5. Name: Rainbow 6: Siege 2 Category: Montage Date Added: 04 January 2016 - 04:41 PM Submitter: SHANE23 Short Description: None Provided Just more fun View Video on Urgent Fury
  6. SHAREfactoryâ„¢!/en-us/tid=CUSA00572_00
  7. Name: Rainbow 6: Siege Captain Clutch Category: Montage Date Added: 04 January 2016 - 04:40 PM Submitter: SHANE23 Short Description: None Provided SHAREfactoryâ„¢!/en-us/tid=CUSA00572_00 View Video on Urgent Fury
  8. Honestly I believe AW is the same shit different name. Outside of the usual new name, new story line and new maps all they did was offer the EXO abilities to mask the physic engine issues that have been plaguing this game since COD4. The single player was a good story line and kept me busy for a bit but the MP is still the same ole same ole. BTW this is the ONLY REAL SHANE!
  9. Tool could you imagine Lash with this?! LOL Lazy Italian would probably bring a chair in with him! LOL
  10. This would be the shit on Socom.
  11. A few other things to check... Check the disk, make sure there are no smudge marks. I don't think this is it but IF you are running wireless try wired. You never know. Note how many people in the room when you freeze. IF you are host and people coming in leaving may be an issue. This should happen on other maps too but you never know. I have not played Socom in a while and don't remember if the maps are loaded from the HDD or disk (pretty sure HDD since it is available DL). IF HDD you may want to delete the files and reinstall. Maybe the Xroads files are corrupted.
  12. Oh shit Shane saying Trust me! I warned you guys!!! LOL And BTW how DO we trust him when he is getting his picture taken next to a HOT ASS ASIAN chick and he is looking at the camera!!! How many Man rules did he break in the picture!! GEEEZZZ!!!!,24089.0.html Wheres this pic of a hot ass asian chich? I gotta see this:),24089.0.html
  13. Oh shit Shane saying Trust me! I warned you guys!!! LOL And BTW how DO we trust him when he is getting his picture taken next to a HOT ASS ASIAN chick and he is looking at the camera!!! How many Man rules did he break in the picture!! GEEEZZZ!!!!
  14. This map in the Day was AWESOME but when they made it night only! FUCK THAT! As others have said WHY would you do a map as a pre-order bonus? So ONLY the players that pre-order at Gamestop can play together? Fucking stupid IMHO! Let me guess Best Buy will get Desert Glory? Then Wal-Mart will get Sujo and EB Games will get After Hours! Granted I would rather have it a map then a weapon that is unbalanced but I still think it is a poor idea.
  15. Don't get me wrong I think it would be pretty cool to have cross platform and compete against EVERYBODY BUT.... Do you get a an advantage with controls over other platforms? Obviously some will argue keyboard and mouse are more percise so that is an advantage over a PS3 controller for a shooter. Also the BIGGEST thing that will be argued is it is possible to modify config files on a PC where as XBOX or PS3 you really cannot. So how do you handle that situation? I guess another argument could be that it is easy to out hardware the XBOX or PS3. So does that give the user the ability to manipulate code, run another app while playing? Obviously this has been an issue for years in PC online gaming but it could REALLY put the consoles at a big disadvantage. People can argue that there are cheat catching software out there but those have been cracked and circumvented so there is no real 100% solution. I wish there were and I wish I knew how because then I would be one rich MFER!
  16. A couple of things I didn't like.... When he was calling the air strike you could clearly see that he was looking in to the wall. I think you should have to "view" the target, not on the screen, but as the character. I hope this doesn't lead to soft spots. The duck and cover, I kind of like and I understand that it is a 3rd person shooter but I think you should lose some view in Duck and cover situations. These are somewhat minor and more want more than need but just something I observed. I would like to know about the lean situation, is it 6 axis again or can we use D Pad again? I really hope this turns out as good as we want it.
  17. Hey NOW!!! I had an angel in my post! You know because I am trustworthy Trust me LOL I want to play Socom 4 before I make a decision and I am not going to go by what other people say. It is not anyone in UF that put the bad thoughts in my head but past Socom releases that make me VERY leary about a new version. Seth Luisi is the MAIN culprit. And guess what his greasy little fat fingers are on this one too. For those that are old enough to remember I feel like Sam Knison with Socom. This is NEW love, I wouldn't lie to you 10 times in a row fuck head. No this is new love, come on! BAM Screwed over again!
  18. Can't wait. Your review will be the only one I trust. +2 His name is Shane...You CANNOT trust Shane's!!! ;D
  19. LMAO! Ima kill you so bad dude....oh wait. You won't ever be online, so I won't ever get to shoot you. Oh, he'll be online, but he'll get booted right before you kill him. He can't stay connected longer than a few minutes. ;D LOL, he's trying to unplug, but being a seaman, he doesn't realize he has to plug back IN.... Actually he hasn't figured out you are suppose to pull the Ethernet cable NOT the power cable!
  20. The quality is nice. I have a few questions because I am looking for a new recording device. I am looking at the <a href="">Hava Vulkano</a> which hasn't been released yet. The problem is, is that it doesn't have HDMI which is what I would REALLY like to have. The nice thing about it though is that I don't have to have my PC nearby in order to record like I would with the Blackmagic Intensity Pro. So with the Black Magic I would have to go PS3->PC->Stereo->HDTV so is there any kind of latency issue? Both are about the same in terms of cost so that is not an issue.
  21. Just the hooker please. ;D Preferably Lili Von Shtupp even though she wasn't really a hooker. I wonder how many will actually get this reference?
  22. I agree with most of BackCamp's too except: ]-Bomb dropping. When the bomb is dropped, it should stay there until picked up! No BS resetting. While it is annoying at times I can understand why they did this. It is to stop people from getting the bomb, going somewhere where it is very hard to get and camping or leaving the bomb in a location where people can just sit there and take a draw when down in numbers or use it as bait. Yes I understand it is a strategy but it defeats the prupose of demolition. You shouldn't be rewarded for taking the bomb and hiding. Maybe if they extend the timer for when it respawns or something. I don't know.
  23. Actually that is what I want to see. In most cases the reason PCs couldn't handle the engine was due to the fact that PCs are not built specifically for gaming like consoles are. You have to remember a lot of the PC resources are used for OS and other functions where Consoles can dedicated almost 100% of it's resources to the game. Think about the quality of games the PS2 could handle. It beat a lot of PC games. Now think about the fact that it was using a 32Mhz CPU with 8MB of RAM. If I remember correctly that 8MB RAM was shared with Video!