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  1. TDH is announcing that we are dropping out of this "BLACK OPS 3 LEAGUE". A few reasons have popped up.......the recent release of THE DIVISION, my guys are playing the hell out of it. They are generally disenchanted with the whole COD franchise. This league is very slow in generating interest, through no fault of UF, it is what it is. I intend to PM SHANE to make it official. Would have enjoyed going up against METS clan again like the old days, TDH had some memorable battles against THE DIVINE KNIGHTS. So, I'm sorry to be doing this.....I would prefer to have waited this launch out, my guys are not so patient. Good luck everyone.
  2. Hey Shane......I'm getting the vibe here that you MIGHT need to take reps from clans signed up thus far and have a meeting. Decipher potential rules and display an outline so to speak for rules. Or ......just get the jist of what we want and carve into stone.
  3. I have to bring attention to a critical point from my clan, TDH. We are hoping and expecting the league to be a HARDCORE realm. If not, my guys will have " ZERO" interest in participating. TDH would be forced to bow out it the league was conducted in CORE..... Thought I'd put that out there before Shane banks on us partaicipating. HARDCORE, we're in all the way!! CORE, sorry......we can't do it. My guys LOATH CORE.......
  4. And now there is four..... Miracles do happen, LOL
  5. This is killing me, I mean, I can't believe there are not any more clans here in UF that have interest in this BO3 League. I find it amazing actually. I am perplexed...... I get the fact this game has been the crappiest in terms of "Clan Support" thus far in the series of COD games. But it is very manageable. There has to be clans here in UF playing it, I find it difficult to think otherwise..... I have a great bunch of guys who I think will do very well in a BO3 League, and they are hungry for the action!! I'm done with my rant, thank you......
  6. TEAM DOUBLE HELIX has registered for the Urgent Fury Black Ops 3 League Submitted by: TIP-TOE Team Name: TEAM DOUBLE HELIX Team Tag: TDH Team Contact: TIP-TOE Team's Website: About Your Team: TDH has participated in Socom and COD Modern Warfare UF tourney's in the past. We have not partaken in any since UF has been under new ownership. We are a very strict "NO CHEAT" clan, comprised of mostly adults. We certainly play with Honor and lose with Dignity. I'm sure there are some old members of the UF community that can vouch for our reputation as a class act clan. TDH has been run by BIRDOG and myself since 2006. We play mainly TDM and S&D on BO3. Can your Team Win with Honor & Lose with Dignity?: Yes
  7. [TDH] Is very interested in a 4v4 or 6v6 tourney in BO3. I have a bunch of "FRESH BLOOD" that has never partaken in a UF sanctioned event. They hear of the old battle stories from me. They want to see what the hell the fuss is all about, lol. Not to mention, they are hounding me to get them into some kind of organized competitive play. I trust and feel more confident in the integrity of the event if UF provides the environment.
  8. Team Double Helix Clan Introduction Form Enter Clan Name: Team Double Helix Enter Clan Tag: [TDH] Clan Contact: TIP-TOE Clan Contact Email: HIDDEN Clan Web Address: T.B.A. Has anyone in your clan ever participated in Urgent Fury? Yes If yes, please tell us what percentage of your players have played here. 4 Has the leader of your clan ever led a clan here at Urgent Fury and if yes, what clan and what was their name in that clan? Yes, myself, TIP-TOE for Team Double Helix To your knowledge, have you or any member of your clan been suspended from Urgent Fury for any reason? Please make sure you use due diligence in making sure this answer is accurate. Answering yes will not automatically bar you from playing at Urgent Fury. No If you answered yes to above, please explain What Games does your Clan want to compete in? COD Black OPS 3, and H-Hour when it arrives If you checked other, please add here... N/A Where did you hear or learn about Urgent Fury? So long ago, 9 plus years, I can't remember....
  9. Wow, my clan and I used to play with a clan named the Brotherhood [TBH] back in SOCOM 3-Confrontation and SOCOM 4, and COD MODERN WARFARE. They were registered to Urgent Fury before the changing of the guard from Undertow and Sniper.........I'm sure you guys are/will be a much better representation of the [TBH] tag than the other guys were. Its just funny for me to see your tag and name again......just reminds me of the old days, lol.
  10. It's already been said that they dont intend to provide a BLU-RAY system in the PS4, hell......BLU-RAY will be obsolete in another 3-4 years ! Everything will be HIGH SPEED, HIGH DEF. DOWNLOAD. Pretty soon.....the console as we know it will be a GLORIFIED CABLE BOX !!! LOL !!
  11. Thanks.....however, seeing is "BELIEVING" when I read TINKERBELLS post !!! I have come to a conclusion that the pict.'s of the "PM's" is evidence enough to lean towards the suggestion of what type of person he truley is......despite what ever conversations took place prior to those particular pict.'s between TINK and him. In other words....I'm sold !!!! Not to discredit the "PENIS" pict.'s, as a NEUTRAL PARTY, they could potentionaly be any body in that pict. Although the head shot......on the money, I know his real name and I researched it, cross referranced, etc. ...and that is HAVOC !! Today I will be erasing my account on EACH site that is related to the " GUILTY " as charged. For the record.....TDH is a RESPECTFULL and PEACE loving ( as far as public relations/friends/tournament communities are concerned), CHEATERS can go fuck themselves dead !!! But, TDH will play every where and any where, where they are RESPECTED and there are RESPECTFULL clans involved !! We have participated here in UF more than any where, and if that does not suggest somthing......I dont know what it does !!! So with that being said....I hope UF ADMINS. see this thread as it was inteded to be......NEUTRAL !!!!
  12. UF...please accept my sincere apology for my gross neglect of refraining to creat/indulge in such "DRAMA". Believe me when I say, I had innocent intentions when I started this thread. I did NOT expect what I got, and for that I am sorry to involve any and all. If I could take it back, I would not hesitate. But I cant, for that I am sorry ! For what it's worth......
  13. My reason for my post was to suggest thinking of all the possibilities before jumping on the band wagon. I have been guilty of that before CHILLI, and I try not to make such mistakes again. As for my clan.....MR. CAT IN THE HAT attacked/questioned myself as well as my clans INTEGRITY. Naturaly, I expect yourself as well as any one else for that matter to stand tall and DEFEND their clans good name. As I have and will continue to do for TDH. (pertains to all) Call TDH and myself what you want ! Any body who knows us......knows the truth ! They know where we stand in all this BS !! Now, I did not intend or expect people of this community to attack myself and or my clan. Had I known this was going to happen, I never would have started this thread. I would have much preferd to keep my feelings intact on how I feel of certain members/clans here in UF , I had a level of respect. Since this post and the attacks on my clans INTERITY by a certain individual, I'm seeing things in a whole new light. RESPECT.....thats a funny word, funny to is how people loose it when it's conveniant for them to do so. I hope only that not ALL respected members of this community share the same thoughts and feelings as some do for, all this time....I thought we were valued participants, I like to think that still holds true....but now, I am beginning to wonder.
  14. Ok....where is it stated that I defended said party ? Can you produce that cat in the hat ?
  15. How is this thread considerd SPAMMING, I did not advertise, I did not insinuate, I did not take a how is this SPAMMING ? All due respect TOW.....I dont agree, it was me suggesting for people to put more thought into what has happened, help raise awareness of what all aspects to this event could be. I did not "FLAME" any one, or any community. Surely you can agree with my reply to your quote. People can "ASSUME" all they want, does not make it does it?
  16. RED....I understand, and respect what you are saying. I am in NO SHAPE OR FORM DISSAGREEING, or AGREEING with who did it. I am, and still choose to be......NEUTRAL !!! Thank you for "YOUR" understanding ( at least you comprehend where I was coming from). Might I add....yes, this was a truley "DISTASTEFUL ACT, and "WHO EVER" is to blame.....knew what they were doing, and expected EXACTLY what followed.
  17. Listen to you all, wow ! I am taking a neutral stand on all this. You all just sound like you are thirsty for blood. AND....for your information....I am NO longer CT STAFF, I had stepped down. LONG before this all came to light. If, for whatever reason, you all see this THREAD as taking sides, then you are CLEARLY MISSING the forest for the tree's. I was simply trying to make a make people aware of the potential of missing information. Clearly there is a level of miscontent here. Just hoping that people put a bit of thought before coming to a verdict........I only hope that some members of this community are not so quick to judge something before all the facts are on the table. However.....the way this is coming about.....we will never know what is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth !!! All I can say is this.....WHO EVER made that video.....had a good idea of the reaction and what was to follow. How it would IMPLY what "POTENTIONALY" could be true. All due respect......this could have easily been an elaborate scheme by UF, and there are plenty of motives! But, I am not implying that....simply acknowledging what is possible. And I am dissapointed in some for not considering all potential aspects before coming to a conclusion. These words I have set forth are on behalf of myself, NOT MY CLANS, they have little to no idea what has transpired here recently. Hopefully, any and all to find my reasoning to be questionable.....take it up with me personally......NOT MY CLAN, they are innocent to the fact !!!!
  18. My GRANDFATHER (R.I.P) taught me a thing about "STORIES". Rumors, here say, etc. What they all have in common is three things. Three sides to every story. 1. ) Your side, what ever it may be. 2. ) Their side, again, what ever it may be. 3. ) The "ABSOLUTE" truth ! The "TRUTH" is the part of a story that hardly ever comes to light in it's entirety. Some times it's shaded, with grey area's. Some times it's exaggerated, and drawn out (stretched, so to speak). In cases where the story is "NEGATIVE" in nature, both parties tend to have differances of opinion. Some are based on experiances, some on fixed idea or personal emotion. The truth is, in most cases of "NEGATIVE CONTENT", best to be left to a third party if possible. Like a JUDGE is in court, as well as a JURY in extreme cases. Their role is to decipher the information put forth, hear both sides of the table, and develop a "UN-BIASED" opinion of such matters. The third party is expected to carry neutral thought before , during, and after. However, that in it's self is also difficult to ascertain. Society has a habit of being "PRE-JUDGMENTAL". There are many variables to consider when finding the appropriate "JUDGE", so to speak, for these occurrences. It's not a perfect system, nor was it ever expected to be,'s all we got ! All I can say is, some things are best left unsaid ! Thats MY STORY.....and I'm sticking to it !!
  19. A BIG CONGRATS goes out to LPK for there SUPERB perfomance in tackeling my clan. Nice BACK 2 BACK !! We'll getcha next time! It was an HONOR to go up against you guys, thank you. See ya in CONFRONTATION !!
  20. Thanks everyone ! It should be good, this is TDH's FIRST final ! Good luck.....but not to much LPK, LOL! ;D
  21. Well...this post was NOT INTENDED to be a "BACK HANDED NUTSLAP" to another clan. Simply sateing what LPK can expect NOT to see from TDH Thank you
  22. TIP-TOE


    Long story on how I became Leader of TDH. I was in a clan with my now partner in crime, BIRDOG. I dropped out of it and went to another. These clans were primarily SNIPING only clans. I had only been playing SOCOM for the first time for about 6 months. I kept nagging BIRDOG to leave the clan and start his own, I would join. Well he finally left....approached me and presented a plan for a clan, all sounded great. But there was a catch....he would be labeled the founder, and I had to be the LEADER. Basically....I do the PR work, and we manage the clan EQUALLY together for the most part. We formed a council so that it could be managed democraticly. We made it a point to express to the members that NO ONE PERSON IS GREATER OR MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE NEXT GUY. We formed a solid code of conduct together, and a strong recruiting process, then the rest is history. 2 years old and strong. We are not very big, but we are TIGHTLY knit.
  23. TDH would like to wish LPK gonrats on reaching the final and good luck as well. There is a list of things that LPK can expect NOT to see from TDH. 1) Should a LPK member happen to ACCIDENTLY spawn on TDH's side when the match starts.....TDH will be more than happy to stop the match and start over as to let that person rejoin their party. 2) I assure you that everyone will be the true people playing under their submitted roster names. No one will be filling in and playing under the others name should they be feeling "A LITTLE UNDER THE WEATHER". 3) What ever the outcome at the end of each match....TDH will be more than happy to discuss any thing that may have been questionable or any grievance that may occur. Issues will be handled with the upmost RESPECT and with out the use of VULGARITY !! TDH will display GOOD we pride our selves for being. TDH shows COMMON can take that to the bank! I would also like to extend a BIG thank you to URGENT FURY for providing this oppertunity to participate with SOME respectful clans. Thanks also go out to ALL the clans who showed TDH GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP and RESPECT.....its ALWAYS a pleasure ! Thank You, TIP-TOE, TDH Clan Leader