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  1. Sayanora APC-- Good luck on ur new venture fellas--
  2. Agreed-- level 8 then gave up-- Boring after that many levels
  3. Cool another reason for me to play Uncharted not that u need one it's a great game---
  4. that same shit happen to mines awhile back, but i had it under warranty at Best buy they replace it w/ a new one thank god--- It was an original release day 60 gig model lasted me about 1yr & 3mths, my new PS3 is still going strong--Knock on wood--lol
  5. Here's a recent sig i just finished up for a clanmate--Knights of The Templar render w/ light grunge & structure brushing--
  6. LMAO-- same here i play it , but never went thru it completely looks promising though--
  7. Nice good luck the rest of the way for big poppa--
  8. another boston blunder-- Manny's going to compete in the UFC next--lol-- Jason Bay is decent, but not even close to the offensive weapon manny is--
  9. nothing special with this update thank god mines went smooth--
  10. some guy path met in woodstock--lol
  11. Excellent trade for the Yanks with Posada hurting this season-- Thanks Detriot for giving us a freebie-- ;D
  12. Love this show--- The realism & action are top notch--
  13. LMAO-- watchout aug. 2nd going to be scary day--lol
  14. cool vid & nice coverage def. good luck in school---
  15.'s actual facts for ya-- The Yankees have won a World Series in every decade since the 1920s with the exception of the 1980s--