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  1. Sayanora APC-- Good luck on ur new venture fellas--
  2. Agreed-- level 8 then gave up-- Boring after that many levels
  3. Cool another reason for me to play Uncharted not that u need one it's a great game---
  4. that same shit happen to mines awhile back, but i had it under warranty at Best buy they replace it w/ a new one thank god--- It was an original release day 60 gig model lasted me about 1yr & 3mths, my new PS3 is still going strong--Knock on wood--lol
  5. Here's a recent sig i just finished up for a clanmate--Knights of The Templar render w/ light grunge & structure brushing--
  6. LMAO-- same here i play it , but never went thru it completely looks promising though--
  7. Nice good luck the rest of the way for big poppa--
  8. another boston blunder-- Manny's going to compete in the UFC next--lol-- Jason Bay is decent, but not even close to the offensive weapon manny is--
  9. nothing special with this update thank god mines went smooth--
  10. some guy path met in woodstock--lol
  11. Excellent trade for the Yanks with Posada hurting this season-- Thanks Detriot for giving us a freebie-- ;D
  12. Love this show--- The realism & action are top notch--
  13. LMAO-- watchout aug. 2nd going to be scary day--lol
  14. cool vid & nice coverage def. good luck in school---
  15.'s actual facts for ya-- The Yankees have won a World Series in every decade since the 1920s with the exception of the 1980s--
  16. Well our melt down might have been the biggest melt down in Baseball history but the Yankees are the only team to blow a 3-0 playoff lead in Sports history And the Red Sox Jersey in the Stadium was pure gold. He should have held off until opening day though The whole RedSox jersey in Yankee stadium was pure imbecile--it justs goes to show u how ignorant Boston fans can get with the whole curse thing like they didn't suck for the past 80 yrs or so--lol
  17. miss the Torre days in NY-- I feel bad to see him in his current situation w/ L.A.--
  18. I'm with that.!! This was funny as hell. lol chipmunk w/ no tits shit now we know were in boston and the whole burial thing was so sad, it goes to show u how much the yankees can instill fear in a boston fan--lol ohh we may have lost to boston, but the mets will forever be remember as the team that blew the worst lead in baseball history in a matter of games--HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  19. I was hoping after seeing that u would convert to a Yankees fan and it's all in good nature MaluNY-- Me & my fams are half mets fans and half yankees fans so we always have a good time messing w/ each other-- I really hope NY can have another subway series it would be great for the city again bro--
  20. Well My Entire Team Sucks just took over first place lol And if the Phillies fans could please stand up and show us your faces we would appreciate it. Lucky you bastards didnt get swept lol. Oh and to those Cubs fans who said Mets have no pitchin. Santana pitches 8 strong, Perez 7 2/3 with 12 K's and Maine another strong outing against quite a formidable lineup. Do the Mets still have no pitchin?? The Mets will just have another melt down before season ends--
  21. Let's Go Yankees u know what the Mets name stands for: My Entire Team Sucks
  22. Good news glad to hear sniper's doing good--Stay safe brother--
  23. Agreed-- clans like this shouldn't be allow to compete in our prestigious arena--