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  1. I guess im the only one who does not care that they took out the grenade arc and lean functions. I don't like the up directional button being PTT. No Demo and the camera being too close are the major things for me. Dual Primaries also does not seem right but i can live with it.
  2. I love my Tritton AXPROs The frist batch had a hardware problems. They seem to have fixed it. They sent a new headset (let me keep my malfunctioned one) and reset my warranty. This was before they were bought by madcats so i cannot speak for the company now but in the past they stood by their product and that counts for huge points with me.
  3. Thank you for the replies. I'll run a search. For some reason i thought there was a section dedicated to recruiting.
  4. It's been a while since i've posted on UF and i don't remember this off hand but is there a recruiting section?
  5. Does anyone belong to one that has the Raiders still available? I would like to join one this season.
  6. i must be just set in my ways but i still like XP 32 better. Have to use win 7 a lot for work but still keep my home system on xp
  7. Hey Seq, if you send me the excel doc and tell me what you want i might be able to set it up for you. Judging by your comments you are correct in thinking what you want cant be done in one tab but in excel you can create new tabs and even create formulas that make totals based off information from other tabs. Let me know if you want to take me up on the offer. or create a new tab and see if that opens it up for you to do it. look up in the help files Creating new Tab.
  8. Congratulations on taking home the big one.
  9. I think thats what everyone is asking JyK It's "Lose with Dignity" Not lose with Honor. The motto is "Win with Honor' date=' Lose with Dignity" That's the one thing we hold above all else. I am asking you all to take a second and look up what those terms mean. Coming into the public forum and posting a thread like this is in no way dignified. It shows your personal level of dignity and that represents your clan so it shows on them too. [/quote'] close enough. take a second and look up what that term means....
  10. You guys (meaning the people posting on this) are really jumping on that band wagon? all though something like this should be posted in a clan rep section there is no excuse for the amount of disrespect that was contained in that message. What the hell happened to loose with honor? Something that i thought this community was built up on......
  11. are they beta testing this already? It sounds like its time for me to start bugging people if they are. I want to see how this game plays out.
  12. +1 on the idea that there are no comparisons. The same people who play socom every night and complain about it so much could just as easily go play another game.
  13. so far Ice Age 2. Haven't seen a whole lot of Blu-Ray movies though.
  14. Dragon Age Origins: Its suppose to be released 11-09
  15. have the same router and its been good to me as well. Been using it for over a year now.
  16. yeah it was released yesterday... I'm still on the fence about it so i think I'm going to rent it when i get a chance.
  17. not with socom..... From what i can see he is running into one of the 3 following problems: 1. Wifi is causing him to drop out: I've never heard of this happening but an easy way to test it is to connect using a cable and see if socom magically works. 2. Ports on his firewall blocking socom from connecting fully: To test this he would need to make his PS3 a DMZ or remove the router completely just to see if socom works and if does then he will need to either keep his ps3 as a DMZ or adjust his ports or router settings. 3. Somehow his game data is corrupt : not sure how to test this bug if the two issues above listed don't solve the problem then he can try to delete his socom game data and reinstall PS. i don't think buying a 360 will solve this problem since i had some similar problems with my router and vegas 1 on the 360.
  18. Just wondering what you think of it if you did buy it. I'm considering buying it.
  19. My wife and I just had a baby, she is 4 months now and she never sleeps... so even though she is awesome she is keeping both of us very busy.... Lately my wife has been really moody so jokingly i tell her she is probably pregnant again. So she called me while i was at work and said she she took the test and it says she is pregnant. My first response was haha its April fools day good one but then she started to get more frustrated and sounded like she was actually telling the truth. She let me think she was pregnant again for the rest of the day until i was headed home (around 4-5 hours)
  20. C_A_G_E


    I was actually thinking about dropping my resume with them. I think they will be successful within a niche market. But then again people said the same thing about netflix when it first started.... so who knows. (remember a really early on interview when the company was starting to gain steam)
  21. oh wow...I need to check out my local craigs list. Didn't even think about looking there.
  22. don't know if you looked it up but it seems there is a ps3 for 200 requires that you apply for a credit card... and another for 399 that includes the dark night blue ray and a second dual shock 3 controller
  23. Try searching the forums of to see if there are any good bargains.