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Found 147 results

  1. this guy has a great imagination, but that version he made of the XMB looks neat.
  2. And I realized something I miss from the old SOCOMs. And that is the tall grass, weeds, shruberry, etc. There is not one map in the game where you can go prone out in the open and not be seen. It might be me but people always stand out, like they glow a little bit. It kind of reminds me of Call of Duty. I haven't seen one "good spot" where you aren't hiding behind something. Anyways, this is coming from a guy who rushes. I just miss being able to hide in the grass in Harvester with your ghille suit and people walking right by you. Anyone else miss this or is it just me?
  3. I think the creepy old guy from Family Guy designed the cover of this childrens book!!
  4. So Im watching Demolition Man and I forgot how hilarious it is when Sandra Bullocks character keeps messing up the "20th century" catch phrases. For instance when she is wanting to say "He met his match, You kicked his ass" but she says "He matched your meet, You licked his ass" LOL. But nothing beats this truly amazing line.... Sylvester Stallone: "Well you could arrest me or you can come down there with me" Sandra Bullock: "Ok Im in, LETS GO BLOW THIS GUY" HAHAAHAHAHAHA Im fuckin losing my mind over here, cant stop laughing!!!!
  5. is anyone else obsessed with the Sham-WOW commercials?? Why does he wear that mic on his head?? Am i supposed to believe that if i call i'll be lucky enough to talk to this guy? Why everyday does he say he can only give us this EXTRA set of magical towels for the next 20min. cause he can't do that all day? how do they know exactly what time i saw the commercial, maybe i saw it 21min. ago but i'm calling now, are you not going to give me these EXTRA set of magic towels? and why are they soooo great cause they were made in Germany? Hitler was made in Germany, he wasn't soo great.and why are they so great at soaking up stuff? where does it all go?? how does a towel hold THAT much soda? Will it hold that much other liquids? what about blood or urine? they both need to be cleaned up quickly.
  6. I know that it was post a long time ago but was curious on when sign ups for the next Tac Map tourney for Socom will be going up and when will it start? Thanks in advance guys
  7. I saw this guy in a pubby room late last night and laughed my ass off, had to snap a pic. King did ya change your name on us?! ;D
  8. I still am a beer guy. Weed is too expensive and your supply doesn't last as long as Liquor. I have more fun with my friends drinking rather than smoking. Also has anyone ever heard of Weed Pong? I think not.
  9. Dude I can't get this guy to even walk. One of our clan members posted this up.
  10. Some guy posted this.. Lehman Brothers AIG Bear Stearns RIP Citigroup subprime mess CDO’s What they’re worth Is anyone’s guess Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Obama beat the Maverick Tina Fey Hillary Hugh Jackman is not gae Madonna and Arod Yankees spending Is a fraud auto bailouts spa trip rate cuts was that a dip? credit crunch executive pay 700 points down in a day Morgan Stanley housing crash Merrill lynch Rick Fuld is cras Madoff with the ponzi scheme Detroit lions living the dream adjustable rates Client 9 no bankers left to wine and dine terror in Mumbai russians invade Georgia middle east tensions Pirates off Somalia Clemens with the steroids Belgians buy the King of Beers Pats lose the big one GS survives no one cheers big three taking private jets another collapse by the Mets the Joker does an overdose Michael Phelps It wasn’t close And it will still go on and on and on.................
  11. I'd like to thank TooL M inion from [RVN] for the sweet new sig. Guy's PS skills have gotten amazing.
  12. If i had a a 360 i would make this guy my bitch on cod4, but please someone add him and make him your bitch. he is also getting his own game!!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean wtf this dude cant even sing
  13. Mets to sign Free Agent closed Francisco Rodriquez to a 3 year deal. What you guy sthink? They needed him BAD
  14. fuckin already crapped out on me ... lucky my friend works at gamestop to get me a new one .. he said that the ones that come with the game have to go back to sony for exchange ... so good luck on that one guys
  15. So they're bringing back the Scout setting. I know alot of people love this. But I think its a little Corny How the guy cocks his Torso In a completely different direction than his hips..How can your stomach face forward and your waist face left ? This is when it will become really difficult to shoot somebody.. because they have inhuman moving capabilities from side to side.... Whats everyone else's take on this?
  16. Happy Thanksgiving to all have a good one be thankful for what you have and pray for the soldiers fighting for our country. Have a great one guys
  17. It's tonight anyone watching it? I will cause I'm a huge Bernard Hopkins fans! And of course hes a philly guy! Damn I represent my city well. LoL
  18. I found this list on the Playstation forums and thought it really covered everything Confrontations needs.The compilation of changes this guy has is almost perfect! I thought it would be interesting to read what you guys think about the list. I don't know if /6 will ever make these changes but the game would be absolutely amazing if they somehow did.
  19. This car is sick. Definitely a car you wouldn't want to pull up next to at a stoplight.
  20. CDBS14

    for you guys

  21. I dunno if this was posted before. But for you Zombie lovers, this demo seems kinda cool. Nothing to play constantly, but just a fun little tweener game. The demo is too short, but I might get this. It's still on the psn store as a demo.
  22. Guest


    has anybody else heard of this. i guess even dog fighting can find a new all-time low. this is the practice of throwing 2 dogs in the trunk of a car, and then the "referee" drives them around with the stereo cranked so nobody can hear whats happening in the trunk. the winner is, obviousley, the dog that is stil alive when the trunk is opened. this has reached the number 1 spot on my "why?" list. i really want to put 2 of these dog owners in a trunk, shoot through it a bunch of times, and then the guy that lives can go free...maybe.
  23. Brxstatic

    new guy

    new guy here whatz up guyz